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New car | love class C, more like bad road? No one except Mercedes Benz C-class all terrain

2021-08-26 04:27:20 SUV master

When a new generation of Mercedes Benz C When I make my debut , Many people say it failed in cosmetic surgery , But it can't resist the true fragrance law , Because small S Level is not for nothing . recently , Mercedes Benz officially released a new set of C level All-Terrain Official map of vehicle type , Officially announced that Audi A4 Allroad Here comes your opponent !

From the official picture ,C level All-Terrain The all terrain version is C The brigade raised the chassis , And add a circle of black plastic kit around the whole car , Reduce the scratch of low obstacles on the car paint , And after adding wild elements C The brigade looks very coordinated . From the data ,C level All-Terrain Than C The first-class travel edition has added 40mm The ground clearance , Adoption has been strengthened .

C level All-Terrain The rear of the car is roughly the same as the travel model , The bottom of the rear bar is made of black plastic , Looks more rugged , And the later cost can be controlled lower . The two-sided exhaust layout is also similar to C Brigade consistency .

interiors ,C level All-Terrain And other C Class models are roughly the same . however All-Terrain The model adopts a newly designed three spoke steering wheel , It's easy to think of the old BMW “ T-back ” Moving the steering wheel . Besides , Like an air conditioning outlet 、 Full LCD instrument panel 、 The vertical central control large screen is similar to the new generation C Same level .

According to introducing ,C level All-Terrain It's also equipped with “ cross-country ” and “ cross-country +” Two driving modes , Adjust the four-wheel power take-off through the system . stay 4MATIC Under the blessing of all wheel drive system , The rear wheels can get up to 55% Torque transmission , Improve the ability to get rid of difficulties .

New car will be 9 It was officially unveiled at the Munich auto show in June , After entering the Chinese market , Will face Audi A4 Allroad、 Volvo V60 Cross Country Such as luxury brand medium-sized cross-border station wagon .

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