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The new car is the first to see the release of the official map of tank 600. Is the "domestic land Patrol" coming?

2021-08-26 04:27:23 SUV master

Half a year ago , At that time, the master had a test drive, which still belonged to WEY Brand tanks 300, Completely conquered by its product power . With the subsequent listing of generous pricing , Let this tank 300 It became the popular fried chicken of its own brand at that time , There was even a time when we stopped accepting orders 、 A series of follow-up activities such as expanding the production line .

tanks 300 Still hot , tanks 600 There's also a catch-up . Nearest tank 600 The official map of was also published . From the photos , tanks 600 It's bigger than a tank 300 Make a big lap of the model , The new car is positioned as medium and large SUV. In terms of design , tanks 600 More design elements than Harvard H9 And be more aggressive , Huge air intake grille , Cooperate with the headlight groups on both sides , Quite impressive .

From the rear of the body side , The side of the car body is not depicted with too many lines , Pay more attention to the sense of calm . And the rear of the car , Except hardliners SUV common “ small bag ” Outside , The tail light group also shows the design heritage of the tank brand .

motivation , tanks 600 It will become the first great wall to carry 3.0T+9AT The models , among 3.0T V6 Maximum engine output horsepower 354Ps, Peak torque 500Nm, Matching is able to cope with high-intensity off-road conditions 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

The new car will be officially unveiled at this year's Chengdu auto show , And in 2022 Listed in the first quarter of . You think this one “ Domestic land patrol ” Will continue the tank 300 Are you hot ? The comment area tells the master .

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