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People who say that their own brands can only make SUVs will really be slapped in the face this year

2021-08-26 04:27:28 SUV master

Mention your own brand cars , Really is “ A handful of bitter tears ”.

Now , independent SUV The prosperity of the market , It seems that people have long forgotten the past of autonomous cars . At the beginning, independent cars relied on affordable prices , Did win a part of the market , However, due to the lack of excellent core technology and quality , Plus SUV The trend of sweeping the world , Autonomous cars seem to be temporarily “ Be stranded ”, We all focus on SUV On .

however , In recent years, we should also find that , Independent brands began to regain confidence 、 Start again , Car companies are pursuing “ Walk on two legs ” 了 .

One side , Many people ridicule that independent brands can only make SUV, Can only walk on one leg ; On the other hand , The market demand for cars is really strong , Especially the sports that young consumers like now , Combined with the car is still the optimal solution , Today, let's talk about autonomous cars .

Long Ann

With the escape series , Chang'an is in 10 The 10000 class sedan has a great voice in the field of , First half of this year , The cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Yidong series is 99075 platform , This achievement is one of the best in the field of autonomous cars .

However , Everyone's expectations for Chang'an , It's not just escape PLUS nothing more , stay UNI After the birth of the serial model , Consumers began to expect Chang'an to be younger 、 A more advanced car .

see , stay UNI-T and UNI-K after ,UNI The first car in the series UNI-V Here we are . In terms of appearance ,UNI-V It adopts a new design language , Borderless grille and sharp headlight set are still bright , What's more amazing is its sliding back shape , Plus through taillights , And optional electric tail , The feeling of the whole car is just two words —— Pull wind .

UNI-V Three high for 4680*1838*1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, Dynamic part , New cars will carry 1.5T The engine , Maximum power is 188 horsepower .

without doubt ,UNI-V The design has been surrounded by a wave of powder , And its actual driving force 、 Fuel consumption performance is also expected , The price is worth paying attention to .

In terms of body size and power ,UNI-V Positioned in the mainstream car market , without doubt , Compared to escape PLUS,UNI-V The freshness is enough , The design level of Chang'an by leaps and bounds and the power blessing of blue whale , I believe it can continue in the field of cars SUV The glory of .


BYD's car lineup has always been relatively strong , BYD e series 、 Qin series and the flagship Han , Have achieved good performance , And according to recent actions , BYD F Series sedans , Also want to rise again .

In recent days, , BYD's new car F5 Complete the declaration , Nowadays, BYD Dynasty Series models are very popular , and F5 representative F Series model “ Making a comeback ”, It also confirms BYD's ambition in the field of cars .

BYD F5 It adopts a new design language , Large area banner bar grille is adopted on the front face , Match with headlights and trim , The overall sense of refinement and fashion are very good ;F5 The side lines are smooth and dynamic , The rear of the car adopts the popular through tail lamp .

I don't know about BYD F Where does the impression of series models stay , But with regard to BYD's application this time F5 Come on , It's really reborn .

BYD F5 Three high for 4780*1837*1495mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm, It's also attractive inside ,F5 Will pick up 1.5L DM-i Plug in hybrid system , Fuel consumption performance can refer to Qin PLUS DM-i.

Different from other independent brands , BYD has a solid technical foundation in the field of hybrid , Three electric technology has achieved a leading position , That means , In the future, BYD cars can go hybrid and EV Route , Both routes are in line with current trends , This is also one of the advantages of BYD cars in the future .

So far , BYD basically has car products at multiple prices , And the new BYD F5 What's more, we should seize the mainstream market , Next “ The war situation ”, We'll see .

ji benefit

Geely has been working hard in the field of cars , We won't talk about it for a long time , The original Gilbert , It once became a shoulder in the field of autonomous medium-sized vehicles .

Now , Geely except the entry sedan 、 Beyond the imperial family sedan series , And Bingrui 、 Xingrui , Especially Xingrui , It has a A The price of a class car 、B The product power of a class car ,2.0T Power has made it stand out from the crowd , It's called “ Family sedan subverter ” The it , In the first half of the year, the average monthly sales volume exceeded 10000 .

But don't forget , In addition to the Dihao of this brand 、 Beyond Xingrui , Geely also has sub brand Lingke's 03 Vehicle system ,03 In addition to the basic model, there are performance versions 03+, It has become the benchmark product of China's performance vehicles , As for link 02 Hatchback, There's no need to say more ?

And if you count pure electric medium and large cars, krypton 001, Geely Group's car products can be said to be experts , At least the battle has overwhelmed a number of independent brands .

Now it seems , Some people still expect Geely to launch a new fuel car with larger size , Such as medium-sized or medium-sized and large vehicles , Especially the Lingke brand , Combined with high-end , Maybe we can get twice the result with half the effort .

in general , Geely now has Volvo for endorsement , No matter the overall image or technical quality of the car , Can be widely recognized , The future is bright .

Gac and kei

Layout in the field of cars , Trumpchi is quite early , Rank from low to high , Trumpchi has GA4( Compact type )、GA6( medium )、GA8( Medium large scale ), Basically covering the mainstream car market , But more promising , It's the hot trumpchi shadow leopard this year .

Shadow leopard positioning compact car , The sporty tonality also makes it circle powder quickly , Remember when the new car first came into the market , Many people can't believe it 9 The starting price of more than 10000 .

The design of shadow leopard needs no more words , As long as it's young, there are few people who don't like it , The unique matte fighter green paint is full of personality ,1.5T Enough power .

The popularity of trumpchi shadow leopard , It also confirmed once again that consumers favor sports cars , Especially now 90 after 、00 After the pursuit of personality , First of all, you have to meet their different psychology in design , What route will trumpchi take in the future , It's worth discussing .


Regardless of sales , The popularity of new independent cars , All show that independent brands are working hard , meanwhile SUV The gradual saturation of the market , It also urges more independent brands to turn their attention to cars , This is for both car companies and consumers , It's a good thing . future , If autonomous cars can be like autonomous SUV Just as thriving , Then consumers can also buy better cars for less money .

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