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The 775 Ford Shelby F150 is not for poetry and distance, but for power

2021-08-26 04:27:34 Ox cart net

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carol · Shelby (Carroll Hall Shelby) Famous car 、 Racing designer , Not only empty handed white wolves from England AC Cover the body , It also sets up engines from Ford in the United States ; Assembled the world's first Cobra, And take... In one fell swoop 1965 year FIT GT The winner of the ; In the same year, Le Mans legend racing car was also designed and developed Ford GT40. It is because of his success again and again that Shelby has become an American focus on performance 、 A beacon for racing cars , It's also natural to let Shelby Become Ford's high-performance Department , There will be today's protagonist 2021 paragraph Shelby F-150 Super Snake.

2021 paragraph Shelby F-150 Super Snake It's based on Ford F-150 XLT Lariat 4WD models are built , The global set limit to 600 platform . It includes 300 Single row models , The selling price is 98690 dollar ( Equivalent to about RMB 63.9 Ten thousand yuan ); also 300 Two row models , The price of its top model is 113680 The US dollar is equivalent to RMB about 73.6 Ten thousand yuan ).

And in appearance , With what you think is superior F-150 There's a big difference . tremendous Shelby Black Chinese net is particularly eye-catching , Match the front shovel under the upper front bar , Make the visual effect of this behemoth lower , Obviously, its appearance does not take you to poetry and distance , But let you feel the tough and explosive power that muscle men should have .

The explosive power of this car comes from the upgrading of supercharging 5.0L V8 The engine , In collocation Borla High performance exhaust system , Power has also increased to 775 horsepower ; You know, even Porsche GT2 RS、 Mclaren 720S、 lamborghini Aventador S、 ferrari 488 Pista These top super runs , Not as powerful as this one Super Snake strong , What kind of pickup is that , This is a wolf in sheep's clothing !

In addition, the new car not only upgrades the power , The suspension has also been upgraded and refitted on a large scale . Front and rear shock absorbers 、 Upper control arm 、 Rear anti roll bar 、 How upgraded are the rear rocker arms , Let this behemoth be more calm in the face of strong power . Last Shelby Also for better braking performance , Bring you a set of 22 Inch wheels and high-performance Street tires , Are you very considerate !

Edit comment on : Nowadays, in the era of electric vehicles ,Shelby As an epitome of American performance cars , Under the torrent of the times, we are still sparing no effort to invest in performance . The past glory let us remember Shelby, In the future electric vehicle world Shelby What should we take so that we don't forget it ?

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