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Chengdu auto show was listed, and the pre-sale price of Euler cat GT Mulan version was 138000 yuan

2021-08-26 04:27:41 Ox cart net

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Niuche net news :8 month 20 Japan , Great Wall Motor's Euler brand , Release good cat GT The Mulan model was officially launched for pre-sale , Open to booking a price 13.8 Ten thousand yuan . Name Mulan , The manufacturer wants this “ The most people-friendly steel gun ” Can make waves in the women's market . It is reported that , Euler is a good cat GT The Mulan edition will be on 8 month 29 It was officially listed at the Chengdu International Auto Show on the th .

In addition to announcing the pre-sale price , Consumers who order in advance can also get Euler's good cat GT Magnolia edition has three pre-sale interests and two “ Equipment gain BUFF” Optional package . among ORA-Cabin Comfortable cabin gain BUFF Covers fatigue driving monitoring 、 Kick induction power tailgate 、ORA Smart-café Voiceprint recognition interaction 、 Based on identity ID Personalization and other functions , It can also turn on ORA-Enjoyment Comfort mode 、 Driver's seat memory + Welcome guests + heating + ventilation + Massage and other settings upgrade the user experience ; and ORA-Pilot 3.0 Intelligent driving gain BUFF carrying ORA-Pilot Driving Patacara 、ORA-Pilot Safety Full time intelligent care 、ORA-Pilot Parking Letin . Both packages can be selected at the same time .

There are also three pre-sale gifts ,“ Meow sweetness ” The original intelligent charging pile and the maximum of each charging pile can be presented as a gift 4500 The amount of financial interest discount of RMB ;“ Meow peace of mind ” It will provide the first individual car owner with a lifetime warranty for the battery , And basic traffic is free for life + Entertainment service traffic 1 Free year , as well as 24h No electricity, free road rescue and other reassuring Services ;“ Meow intimate gift ” Provide free door-to-door service .

# Summary of new car core information

1. The appearance design is based on Euler's good cat model ,GT The style is mainly reflected in the overall surrounding shape and more sporty appearance components .

2. The maximum power of the drive motor on the new car is 126 kw , Maximum torque 250N·m. coordination Sport Mode of ORA-Launch+ Ejection start function ,0-100km/h by 6.9 second .

3. Battery , With a new car 59.1kWh The battery pack ,NEDC With a range of 480km.

4. The length, width and height of a new car are 4254*1848*1596mm, The wheelbase 2650mm.

aesthetic , Euler is a good cat GT The version is not very different from Euler's good cat , The former is based on “ Retro futurism ” Made of ideas , It continues the round design style of Euler family , The two round headlights have the smell of Porsche frog eye lamps , Very cute . The new car has added more sports kits , The front lip is also marked with “GT” word , Improved the sportiness of the whole vehicle .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4254/1848/1596mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, The curb weight is 1555kg. The new car will be equipped with a power of 126kW The motor of , The maximum speed reaches 160km/h, And equipped with ternary lithium battery pack . The lemon pure electric architecture and coffee intelligent ecology of the Great Wall will also be applied on this car for the first time .

interiors , The overall central control of the new car is similar to that of the ordinary model , The red element embellishment further increases the sportiness of the interior . The double screen is integrated into a plane and circular electronic handle and horizontal air outlet , The mellow style and the temperament of the whole vehicle complement each other . Besides , Euler is a good cat GT Magnolia version is designed with intelligent and humanized design with great sense of future , On the lemon platform + Coffee intelligent ecological blessing , It maximizes the driving experience of ladies and sisters .

summary :

Good cat GT Added a lot of sports kits , Make this car sporty , A large number of red racing cars also make the new car have a strong visual impact . Moreover, the power of the new car has also been greatly upgraded , Maybe you can compete with an entry-level performance car .

all the time , Euler has been using a small and lovely image to impress female consumers , It's like once a boy gets into an Euler's car , He lost his manhood in an instant . But this time , Euler is a good cat GT Sporty look , Even straight steel men can't control it when they see it .

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