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Recommended for home and business 20W + medium and large cars

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In recent years , Major car companies are trying to seize the consumption power of young people , Various kinds SUV、 Coupe 、 Cross border vehicles are pushed into the market . But the market for medium and large cars is quite the opposite , At this level , What consumers pursue is often the quality of driving . Especially in 20 In the middle and high-grade cars in their early tens of thousands , Models with style are more popular . This explains why Toyota Asia Dragon 、 The competition between Volkswagen maiteng and Buick LaCrosse is so fierce . These three cars are Japanese 、 Representatives of German and American cars , There are different styles in riding and driving experience . As for the power 、 What are the differences in comfort , After a comparative analysis, you will understand .

Power performance :

21 The Asian Dragon is not equipped with a hybrid system at present , Provided only 2.5L Naturally aspirated version , Carrying a code name A25A Of 2.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Maximum horsepower 209 horse , Maximum torque 250 Cattle meters , Match the 8 Self - contained gearbox .2.5L Although the naturally aspirated version of the Asian Dragon uses 8 Gearbox with gearbox gearbox , The shift is very smooth , But this has also become one of the only advantages of this car .209 The power of horses is not strong , Suffice it to say . Step on the accelerator , The speed will increase steadily , There will be no feeling of pushing back . in addition ,21 This model does not have the blessing of Toyota dual engine hybrid system , The comprehensive fuel consumption of car owners has also come 8.2L/km, Toyota's proud advantages of fuel economy are not inherited in this car .

Maiteng's set 2.0T Add 7 We are already familiar with the power assembly of double speed clutch ,2020 paragraph 380TSI DSG The classic EA888 The engine , Maximum horsepower 220 horse , Maximum torque 350 Cattle meters . Maiteng is slightly stronger than Asian Dragon in power , But the advantage in torque is obvious . The greater torque makes the car have a strong sense of acceleration at higher speeds , Especially in sports mode , The throttle is more sensitive . As for Volkswagen's Gearbox , Consumers have different opinions on this . For now , magotan 7 Speed wet double clutch is quite mature , The frustration is not obvious , The stability and heat dissipation capacity are also much stronger than the early dry double clutch gearbox of Volkswagen .

Buick LaCrosse in power , Compared with the previous two cars, it has great advantages .21 Buick LaCrosse 652T The model and junavia model are equipped with general motors 2.0T Variable cylinder turbocharged engine , Match the 9 speed HYDRA-MATIC Intelligent gearbox , Maximum horsepower 237 horse , Maximum torque 350 Cattle meters , Far more powerful than the other two competitors . Engine use TriPower Variable valve management technique , It can close two cylinders when driving at low speed and constant speed , So as to greatly reduce fuel consumption . Lacrosse 9 speed AT The gearbox is also a bright spot , In the same level, it belongs to the top level . Shift sensitivity 、 A smooth , It can timely and accurately match the power required by the driver . With strong power “ smart ” The transmission , Make the driving experience very enjoyable 、 comfortable . in addition , The lacrosse has all the engines 、 Gearbox and other main parts 8 year /16 Million kilometers of original factory warranty , It also reflects GM Buick's confidence in the stability of the power system .

Ride comfort :

As a relatively high-end model under Toyota brand , Comfort has always been the advantage of Asian dragons . The interior is simple and elegant , The seat is moderately soft and hard . In terms of central control layout , One piece 9 Inch Touch and button central control screen , The shape is square , Compared with its own Camry, the central control layout is somewhat abrupt . In terms of sound insulation , Because of the use of single-layer glass , The sound insulation effect is slightly poor , Wind noise is more obvious at high speed . In terms of driving texture , Asian Dragon benefits from soft chassis adjustment , The ride is very comfortable , It is the first choice for home travel .

Maiteng's interior has a strong business atmosphere , Full of “ The public ” Design style of . The layout of the central control is very regular , The central clock is more advanced . The seats are made of leather and suede , Moderate softness and hardness , Excellent ride comfort . But because it is only equipped with single-layer glass , There are also obvious problems with noise . Especially the chassis with eccentric motion adjustment , It can bring more road noise .

In terms of comfort , The advantage of lacrosse can be perfectly displayed . The layout and lines of the central control give people an elegant and comfortable atmosphere , Compared with Asian Dragon and maiteng, the materials are more delicate , The wood grain veneer highlights the texture of the product . The front and rear seats are equipped with heating / ventilation / Massage function , Excellent comfort . In terms of noise control , Lacrosse is equipped with double-layer laminated sound insulation glass , It is also standard ANC Active noise reduction technology , Greatly improve the absorption capacity of low-frequency noise , Make the atmosphere in the car very quiet .

In space , The long wheelbase of medium and large cars gives them great advantages , The space of these three cars is very spacious . Toyota Asia Dragon is slightly smaller than the other two competitors in space , The rear legroom of this car is sufficient and long 、 The support is just good , But head space is relatively depressed . According to the data , Lacrosse's conductor 、 The vehicle width and wheelbase are larger than those of Asian Dragon and maiteng , Passengers have more room to stretch .

Car machine interconnection :

Lacrosse 8 The inch central control screen is equipped with Buick eConnect 2.0 Intelligent interconnection technology , Equipped with voice interaction function and online navigation system , Able to support Apple CarPlay And Baidu smartphone mapping , There is also 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hot features , Bring users an Internet experience of Intelligent Networking . Besides ,OnStar Full time online assistants provide 5 Categories: 50 A number of major services , Including vehicle remote control and other functions , Greatly improve convenience .

Compared with the lacrosse , Maiteng's intelligent configuration is relatively mediocre , Only the Internet of vehicles is provided 、 Voice command function , The scenario of voice operation is more limited . There is no convenient intelligent service similar to anjixing . The Asian Dragon is weaker in intelligent configuration , The most basic... Is not supported CarPlay、CarLife and GPS Navigation , Adaptive experience and lacrosse 、 Maiteng opened a huge gap .

summary :

Asian Dragon has the blessing of Toyota brand , In terms of stability, there is no doubt . But whether it's power or intelligent configuration , Asian dragons are uncompetitive . Fortunately, the chassis of this car is comfortable , More suitable for use as a family car . And maiteng gives people the feeling of being regular , The power is enough , There are also some configurations , In terms of interior decoration, there is too strong business atmosphere . If the demand for cars is more business oriented , Maiteng is the first choice . By contrast , Buick LaCrosse is more balanced . Powerful power with excellent adjustment of gearbox and chassis , Make this car fun to drive . The intelligent configuration and interior texture in the car can give people a good ride experience . In particular, the performance of tranquility is the most prominent , Better comfort .

As for the Buick LaCrosse 、 Which one of Toyota Asia Dragon and Volkswagen maiteng is most suitable for you , I suggest going to 4S Shop experience , Which one do you prefer ?

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