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Evergrande responded to the sale of auto shares to Xiaomi: contacted, but not completely contacted

2021-08-26 04:37:34 Ox cart net

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From Evergrande group 8 month 10 "The announcement said , The company is contacting several potential independent third-party investors to discuss the sale of Evergrande 、 Evergrande property and some of its assets , About “ Who will take over Evergrande ” There are different opinions on my guess , millet 、 Wei to 、 Xiao Peng and even Shenzhen SASAC , Have become the subject of speculation “ Answer man ”.

According to media speculation , Evergrande automobile contacted the above enterprises to negotiate the sale of electric vehicle business , There is a high probability that it will be sold as a whole , At least it's a transfer of control , In all kinds of rumors , The one with the most nose and eyes is “ Evergrande group is negotiating with Xiaomi group to sell Evergrande cars 65% shares ” the , This means that once the deal is successful , Xiaomi group will get the actual control of Evergrande automobile , For those who have just entered the field of car manufacturing “ New people ” It's just Xiaomi , Taking over Evergrande may speed up its car building process , After all, in a series of “ Buy buy buy ” Under the operation of , Evergrande has gone from technology to technology 、 Qualifications 、 sales 、 Be prepared in all aspects such as talents , When Xiaomi comes , The project can be launched quickly .

8 month 20 Japan , Evergrande Group officially issued a statement , in the light of “ Sell Evergrande to Xiaomi group 65% shares ” Explain the matter , It is said that Evergrande automobile is in the process of introducing strategic shareholders , I had a preliminary communication with Xiaomi group , No in-depth negotiation and promotion . Translate it with the current network catchphrase : Come into contact with , But not in full contact .

And then , Xiaomi group also responded , He said that up to now, Xiaomi group has indeed contacted various car manufacturing teams for communication and negotiation , However, no decision on cooperation intention has been made . As can be seen from the statement , The time for publication is not yet ripe .

Weakness lends wings to rumours , Not necessarily without cause . Evergrande automobile probably has contact with other enterprises mentioned above , But who will eventually spend it , At present, it will not be finalized quickly . After Evergrande group announced its intention to sell part of Evergrande's assets , Xia Haijun, vice president of Evergrande group, quickly announced the reduction of Evergrande property on the next day 、 Auto shares , Total cash out 1.16 Million Hong Kong dollars , It also casts a shadow over the future direction of Evergrande . Affected by news from all parties ,8 month 19 Japan , Hong Kong stocks of Evergrande motor plunged 15%, The market value has fallen below 1000 HK $100 million gateway , Set a new low for the year .

Zhong Shi, an auto industry analyst, told , Evergrande automobile has been able to attract the favor of many people in the automotive industry , Mainly due to the group's large capital investment , Now the wind and rain are shaking 、 It is difficult to get funds in place , Gradually losing its appeal to high-end professionals , Where to go in the future , Perhaps the situation is not optimistic .

# At the end

Evergrande automobile delivers new cars without clear information , Sale of shares 、 Executive cash out 、 Negative news such as the sharp decline in market value has intensified , Its 2025 The annual sales volume exceeds 100 The slogan of 10000 vehicles is still in my ears , Who can catch Evergrande in the future , For Xu Jiayin, who has just stepped down as chairman of Evergrande real estate, and Evergrande group, which is in a troubled time , Perhaps it will bring new opportunities for them to reverse the debt crisis .

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