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Weima racing car accelerates by 1.8 seconds. Is it strength display or gimmick marketing

2021-08-26 04:37:38 Ox cart net

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Let me ask you a question before starting this article ,0-100Km/h Speed up in 3 What does the fuel car have in seconds ? It must be Ferrari LaFerrari、 Bugatti Chiron 、 Mclaren 720S In this way, millions or even tens of millions of super runners have the right to speak . But as electric cars evolve ,3 seconds 0-100Km/h There are more and more acceleration models , It even appeared 1.8 Seconds to complete 0-100Km/h Accelerated models , And this car is the domestic electric vehicle Weima - champion .

And this one 1.8 Seconds to complete 0-100Km/h Accelerated domestic electric vehicle Weima champion , Not a production model , It's a racing car . The newly developed carbon fiber air force kit is extremely exaggerated , I can't see that it's based on Weima W6 To build and . And as a racing car , Lightweight is essential , So front shovel 、 Side skirts 、 The hood 、 The tail wings are made of carbon fiber to reduce the vehicle weight , The car must have been emptied , Left a racing seat to accompany the roll cage .

The Wima champion car not only has a deep appearance , It has been developed exclusively by the FIA 1400Kwh High performance battery pack , Customized for the track 400V High voltage motor adopts double motor four-wheel drive system , Maximum output power attainable 600Kw. And in the FE Electric Formula Racing 20/21 During the season , audi e-tron FE07 The maximum power of racing motor is 250Kw, A hundred kilometers is only for acceleration 2.8 second .

Edit comment on : After reading all kinds of data ,1.8 The 100km acceleration in seconds can be said to crush tens of millions of super runs and electric super runs with strength , We have to say that our own brand strength is really not good , But in all kinds of NB After your praise , We still need to think calmly .

Vehicle performance is not just acceleration , Otherwise, there will be no old Supra  To be ridiculed “ The straight king died in the bend ” Embarrassment ; So the car is the body structure 、 chassis 、 power 、 A system engineering integrating control and so on , Comprehensive performance is the essence of a car . And how to transfer racing technology to civilian vehicles , And use it well is the point , It is also necessary to carry out professional driving training for users before selling , Otherwise, accelerate 100 kilometers 1.8 Second Weima civilian car , Will become a nightmare for many people !

And the last thing you want to see , This is the end result of this car, just a display car , After the exhibition, they will be abandoned in the corner of the warehouse , This one hammer deal “ marketing ” Will eventually be forgotten , and Ford GT40、 ferrari F40、 Mitsubishi EVO Such a classic can last forever , Rely on real strength !

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