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Seven SUVs with a budget of 200000? This is not a dream! These models are very suitable!

2021-08-26 04:47:18 The car world bounces slowly

20 What car can you buy with a budget of 10000 ?7 seat SUV Let's see , A second child 、 The opening of the triplet , Chinese people who pay attention to space and family are interested in 7 The demand for cars is also getting higher and higher , As an ordinary family 20 Ten thousand yuan budget to buy one 7 seat SUV It may be ideal , Let's have a look .

Peugeot 5008 360THP 7 Seat strength Edition

The official price of this car is 21 More than ten thousand , But Peugeot, everyone knows , The sense of market presence is not strong , It is imperative to reduce prices , At present, there are about more than 10000 profits for orphans , Can still meet 20 Million budget camp .

Although Peugeot brand has a low sense of existence , however 5008 Really good , Fashionable and beautiful appearance , There is a strong romantic element , The space performance is still good ,7 The wheelbase of the car has reached 2840mm, The second and third rows can coexist harmoniously .

The power is a little weak , After all, considering the budget , The recommended model is equipped with 1.6T The engine , Maximum horsepower is 170 horse , Peak torque is 250 cattle · rice , matching 8AT The gearbox is still commendable . Although it is a torsion beam rear suspension , But Peugeot chassis adjustment really awesome , Its comfort and stability are more comfortable than the independent rear suspension of some manufacturers 、 And steady , We strongly recommend that you test drive and feel .

What does the configuration look like ESP And so on , There's no automatic brake or something , But it's good to add a fatigue reminder . Reversing image 、 Constant speed cruise also has , Relatively speaking, home is enough .

Byd tang DM-i 112KM Noble type

BYD Tang's popularity has always been high , And because it's hybrid, the price of this model 19 More than 10000 models have attracted much attention , After all, you don't have to shoot cards , And don's face is good enough to fight , Young families are also very suitable .

BYD has developed very rapidly in recent years , This generation of BYD Tang has made great contributions , After hiring the original Audi designer , BYD's design inspiration finally broke out . More Than This , The space performance of this car is also good , Don's wheelbase is 2820mm, The overall performance of the third row space is good , Adults can sit in .

Power on 1.5T And the motor provide us with 102KW and 160KW Power , The peak torque is 231N·m and 325N·m, In terms of power, we don't have to worry at all . It is worth noting that , Compared with other hybrid models, the pure electric range is relatively small , The pure electric endurance of the recommended model can reach 112 km , Further save energy .

BYD Tang is also good in configuration , except ESP Other than security configuration , Like what 360 Degree image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise is available , And the large central control screen is said to be able to sing karaoke OK, It's really fun for a family to travel !

The stars and the moon 390T 4WD star shining version

As Chery's high-end brand Library , Xingtu still adheres to the principle of cost performance , For example, this is the case with the star path to the moon , This car is 20.09 Ten thousand yuan , But it is said that dealers still make profits , The transaction price is expected to be lower , What's the cost performance of this car ?

First of all, the shape of the star path to the moon is very sci-fi , To be honest, the appearance design of domestic cars in recent years is very good , This also adds a lot of points to the journey of stars and the moon . secondly 7 The space of the car is quite good 2900mm The wheelbase , It really doesn't have to worry about space .

Power on , The recommended model uses 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower 254 horse , Peak torque 390 cattle · rice , matching 7 Double clutch speed , The overall driving feeling is still good , Of course, the front and rear independent suspension is also the standard configuration of domestic cars .

The configuration of the star path to the moon is also commendable , There is no safety belt reminder in the whole vehicle 、 Automatic brake 、 Lane change assistance, etc ,360 Degree image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise is also equipped with , Otherwise, how can it appear cost-effective ? Relatively speaking, the configuration of Xingtu moon range is indeed advantageous in the same level .

The three cars have joint ventures , There are domestic products , They are relatively mature automobile brands and models in the current market , The key reason is the power of the three cars 、 The configuration and space have a good performance , In especial 7 The most important space for the car , You can take all three cars , So if you consider 20 About 10000 to buy one 7 seat SUV Words , These three paragraphs might as well refer to .

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