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The Peugeot 508l, a new choice for young people's class B car, was praised as "ouch, good"

2021-08-26 04:47:23 The car world bounces slowly

Beauty is justice, which is the motto of young people , Sports plus passion is the label of urban people . As a clear stream in the automotive industry ,“B Class sports sedan ” Become a young and promising 、 The first choice for sports oriented people .TA We are not only of good quality , More in line with the heart's desire for movement 、 The pursuit of beauty and fashion . And in the B Class sports sedan , Peugeot 508L And with their own extraordinary strength , It has become the best travel item in the metropolitan area !

Out of the street items , no “ Yan ” What did you say? ?

The shape of the car , It is set off everywhere “ master ” The face of . Or energetic , Or lazy and casual , Plaid shirts and jeans give people a different feeling . Peugeot 508L Quite “ Lion rhyme ” Front face and body , Sharp lines , The ending is bold , Like a uniform , Not only is it vibrant , It also shows the athlete's figure without reservation .

A pair of lion eyes 、 A pair of tusks , The vivid lion roar front face has more impact , stay B The first-class sedan market has its own style . Plus what's revealed in the tail light “ Lion's claw ” Design , And Passat at the same level 、 Accord and others , It seems that promising young people stand out from greasy old students , Let those car owners with calm and moderate cars suddenly look back and sigh : If I were younger 10 year ......

Peugeot 508L In terms of interior design , Also perform brilliantly . The most impressive is the famous i-Cockpit Full sensory cockpit . Not only is the design hierarchical , Beautiful and reasonable ergonomic performance at the same time . Besides , The black and red interior of the driving version is eye-catching, and the integrated shift paddle 、 The electronic gear lever in the shape of spacecraft rocker is more “ It's worth a set ”!

no “ control ”? How to get out of the street ?

Driving control is the soul of a car . To say sports , Peugeot has never let people down , Even if positioning a B Levels of car , Peugeot 508L It also has a chassis adjustment level beyond the same level . Peugeot 508L The chassis consists of CLDR Master team knife , After several rounds of rigorous testing , Then inject the sports heritage quenched after a hundred years , Create the most extreme driving experience in the same level .

Peugeot 508L Carrying AMVAR The variable suspension , Can be found in “ comfortable 、 standard 、 motion ” Three different driving modes , Inspect the suspension “ Hard and soft ” adjustment , Meet the handling and comfort requirements of the chassis under different road conditions . Suspension structure , Peugeot 508L It is only used on luxury brands 5 Connecting rod independent rear suspension , It can accurately control the wheels 5 Degrees of freedom in two directions , Further improve the curve response of the body . It is worth noting that , Peugeot 508L It also adopts the only all aluminum alloy rear cross member at the same level , Lower rear axle mass , So that the body posture in extreme cases can also be well controlled .

How can we get out of the street with confidence ?“ quality ” It's a must

It has an appearance , What's more, it should have connotation , As a B Class a car , Peugeot 508L I am familiar with Chinese people's understanding of “ quality ” The pursuit of .

First , Peugeot 508L Create advanced texture through sound . Facing the more demanding of domestic consumers “ Auditory test ” habit , The body is designed with heavy sound insulation cotton in many places , Not just tire noise 、 Wind noise and other external noise have been isolated to the greatest extent , The sound when the door is closed is also more calm and advanced ,NVH Excellent performance . On the sound , French original FOCAL The stereo brings Opera House level sound , It also makes the journey interesting .

Smell , Peugeot 508L With the safest 、 The most environmentally friendly material , And high standard car making technology comparable to luxury brands , Bring the ubiquitous “ Olfactory texture ”.

Tactile , Peugeot 508L The dashboard soft package is used where you can see 、 Piano baking varnish 、 Piano keys 、 Fine sewing and other materials and manufacturing processes , Let you enjoy luxury .

meanwhile , Peugeot 508L Also through the improvement of seat wrapping posture 、 Upgrading of seat material and seat internal structure , Greatly improve the comfort of the seat . The seat is made of high rebound foam material 、 Horizontal foam 、 low VOC Level 、 Green fabrics such as water-based materials , It provides better seat support for drivers and passengers .

Urban youth out of the street , Just want to meet the needs of face and lining . As the best piece for young people to travel , Peugeot 508L Full of sincerity , Can satisfy your beauty 、 Triple requirements for driving control and texture . Besides , Such a French charismatic car , Not only have “5 Heart guard action ” And many other security policies , It has also launched “0 Yuan upgrade plan ”, As low as 0 The threshold for buying a car is RMB 、 Flexible down payment 、 Ultra low monthly supply brings practical benefits to consumers and users ! Such a perfect travel piece , Are you sure you don't check Next ?

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