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From the perspective of multi child families, it must be right to choose these seven seat SUVs

2021-08-26 04:47:27 Car observer

For users with more family members , Large space 、 The multi seat model is undoubtedly the best choice . After all , Let every family sit comfortably , Having fun is the most important thing . that 7 How should we choose a car with large space ? When it comes to car selection, it will involve the budget , There are different choices at different prices . Let's talk to you today 7 seat SUV What are worth buying .

10 Budget below 10000 yuan

Seeing this subtitle, it is estimated that many people will ask ,10 There can be reliable under 10000 yuan 7 seat SUV Do you ? If you put it in a few years ago ,10 Less than ten thousand yuan 7 seat SUV I really don't have a choice , Maybe more people will consider buying one 7 Of the seat MPV, Like Wuling Hongguang 、 baojun 730 etc. , But the commercial properties of these vehicles are too heavy . however , With the continuous development of independent brands in recent years , What we can choose 10 Ten thousand yuan of the following 7 seat SUV More and more .

First , Recommend jietu car . In recent years, jietu has launched many high-quality products that people can afford 7 seat SUV, For example, jietu X70、X90 Models such as . Rapid way X70 It's automatic 7 The price of the entry-level version is currently at 8.6 Ten thousand yuan or so , Can't fall to the ground 10 Ten thousand yuan , It's quite cost-effective . The most important thing is that this car is fashionable and atmospheric 、 The materials used for interior decoration are also very kind , Cheap as it is , But the sense of quality is definitely beyond the level . in addition , Rapid way X90, Tiggo or dingle 8 Manual 7 The seat plate can also be considered .

10-15 Ten thousand yuan budget

comparison 10 Less than ten thousand yuan 7 seat SUV models ,10-15 There are more models available for 10000 yuan . First , Rapid way X90 It's automatic 7 A version of the , The entry price is 11 Ten thousand yuan or so , And the size of this car is larger than X70, Space is awesome . secondly , Geely Haoyue is also a model worthy of key consideration ,1.8T Automatically 7 The entry price of the seat version is 11 Ten thousand yuan or so . Third , Chery tiggo or dingle 8 How big is it now 6 Block version and 7 A version of the , It should be noted that 7 The seat plate is equipped with 6 Dry double clutch gearbox , If you mind the dry double clutch, you might as well look at the big 6 A version of the .

15-20 Ten thousand yuan budget

stay 15-20 There are two models worth recommending between 10000 yuan , One is Kodiak , One is the star path to the moon . at present , Skoda Kodiak 2.0T Low power 7 The seat version is discounted , The price is less than 19 Ten thousand yuan . Recently, the highly concerned star range moon , The whole department is 7 seat , among 1.6T The entry price of this edition is 16.89 Ten thousand yuan ,2.0T The entry price of this edition is 18.89 Ten thousand yuan .

If you are a friend who cares about space , If you choose one of the two, I think it's more appropriate to look at the moon , After all, whether it's power , Or medium and large SUV Space , Have an advantage over Kodiak . If you pay more attention to the joint venture brand , Then consider Kodiak .

20-30 Ten thousand yuan budget

20-30 There are many models to choose from in the price range of 10000 yuan . The budget is 25 If less than 10000 yuan , Take a look at the Chevrolet Trail Blazers 、 View of the public way L;25 Ten thousand yuan or so , Buick envision Plus、2020 Anko flag , And Ford sharp 7 All the seats are good ;30 A budget of about ten thousand yuan , Give priority to preserving the value of shenche hanlanda . Of course , Of this price range 7 There are many models to choose from , There is also space between models 、 Power strength 、 Control is good or bad , At this time, it depends on what aspects you value more , Then make a choice .


With the opening of the three child policy , The increase of family members ,7 Seat models undoubtedly become a better choice for users with more family members .7 seat SUV More space 、 More seats , Can let a family travel happily . Today I checked for you 30 It's worth starting with less than 10000 yuan 7 seat SUV, Different price ranges have different models . So of these cars , Is there anything you like ?

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