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How to choose about 100000 steel gun models

2021-08-26 04:47:31 Car observer

Young consumers are more likely to choose steel gun models , Young people like to pursue speed and control , Price at 10 There are indeed many independent brand models with good acceleration performance , Several domestic steel guns recently listed have a good market response .

Shadow leopard

Official guided price :9.83-12.80 Ten thousand yuan

0-100km/h Speed up :6.95 second

The cumulative order of shadow leopard has exceeded 25000 single , Some people may say that GAC motor is marketing “ wizard ”, Originally 10 There are few models that can run into six seconds , Plus Su Bingtian during the Tokyo Olympic Games 9.83 Seconds into the men's 100m semi-finals , When a new car is about to be sold, the starting price is 9.83 Ten thousand yuan , It has attracted the attention of many consumers . Smart pricing strategies alone are not enough , There is no magic weapon of good product strength , Even if the external environment is superior , No car can take advantage of the trend , In view of the excellent sales of shadow leopard , It shows that the product power is really good .

The shape design of shadow leopard is really in line with everyone's impression of steel gun . Cool mecha look on the front face 、 Blackened straight waterfall grille , The smell of battle is full . The body posture is low 、 Front length 、 The rear is compact , It is very in line with the aesthetics of young people . The interior design is simple and exquisite , Bright stitching with plenty of soft bag coverage , Show high quality . Shadow leopard is based on GAC motor GPMA The first sports car built on the platform , Equipped with the new third generation of JuLang power 1.5TGDI The engine , The most powerful 130kW, Maximum torque 270N·m, 100km acceleration time 6.95s, Such an efficient engine , The actual power output is satisfactory . Chassis , The shadow leopard adopts the combination of front McPherson and rear multi connecting rod , After careful adjustment, the chassis has strong support , Steering precision , The driving comfort is better than that of many models at the same level .


Official guided price :9.38-14.28 Ten thousand yuan

0-100km/h Speed up :7.83 second

10 About 10000 steel guns ,MG6 PRO Must be selected .MG In recent years, brand car models mainly focus on the young market ,“ tide ” And sports can almost cover the design concept of products . Recently launched MG6 PRO It also didn't disappoint consumers , The appearance of the model has been greatly changed , The front face is changed MG6 The smooth curve of , But more angular , More publicity . A new dark gale tail is added at the rear of the car 、 Track level double tail row, etc G-Force2.0 Aerodynamic kit , The rate of returning from the street has increased significantly . The interior of the car has also been upgraded , Different color seat belts 、Alcantara Covered steering wheel 、12.3 Inch interactive full virtual instrument and 10.1 Inch HD touch connected large screen , A sense of high standing .

To reflect the mobility of the steel gun , The dynamic performance should be outstanding .MG6 PRO carrying 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 133kW, Maximum torque 285N·m, matching 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , 100km acceleration 7.83s. Just look MG6 PRO Appearance and power , stay 10 We should also vote for him in the steel gun competition of about 10000 .


Official guided price :7.58-11.98 Ten thousand yuan

0-100km/h Speed up :7.9 second

Maybe no one would think of a SUV You can also enter the alternative list of steel guns . We must have heard about the dynamic performance of Geely's models , Analyze in detail , The excellent power of xinbinyue is also expected .

Geely xinbinyue also adopts a younger design . The front face of the model adopts “ New energy storm design ”, The breath of battle came to my face ; And a suspended roof , Follow the trend . The top and secondary top models are equipped with double-layer three-dimensional tail wings ,“ Domestic small steel gun ” Is worthy of its name . The seats are heavily covered with suede , The advanced sense of touch and vision has been greatly improved . Xinbinyue 1.5T Maximum power of version 130kW, Maximum torque 255N·m, 100km acceleration 7.9s. This steel gun is not only powerful , It's also cost-effective , More in line with young people's car purchase needs and purchasing power .


In recent years, the car manufacturing strength from the main brand has made great progress . Start with young consumer groups , Create more and more steel gun models with fashionable appearance and good acceleration performance , There are more and more choices for the new generation .10 About 10000 steel gun models have complete configurations in all aspects , It can also meet users' iterative consumption needs . The above three models have their own characteristics , It's perfect to choose a steel gun with a closed eye .

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