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Refitting a new benchmark? Align with MG6 xpower

2021-08-26 04:50:37 Car observer

Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster , What else can young people rely on to express themselves ? More and more young people have the ability to buy cars , As a young consumer , In addition to the requirements for vehicle functionality , They are more eager to be different . Car is the carrier of individuation , It is also the image label of the car owner , Show your uniqueness through personalized modification , It has naturally become the choice of many young consumers . With the improvement of car making technology , The convergence of mass production vehicles is becoming more and more serious , The homogenization of vehicles and the iterative upgrading of users' personalized needs are undoubtedly a pair of contradictions , At this time, the car modification can solve this contradiction , With the upgrading of automobile consumption, the domestic automobile refitting industry has also ushered in the dawn .

MG With its keen industry smell , On 5 The first official refitting brand in China was launched at the end of this month MG XPOWER, and MG6 XPOWER yes MG XPOWER On 7 month 17 The first mass production model on the market on the th , Official guided price 19.98 Ten thousand yuan . that , Officially modified MG6 XPOWER Can you get the favor of car modification enthusiasts ?

What has changed is the eye-catching style

At present, the legitimacy of many private or institutional modification schemes needs to be considered , and MG XPOWER It is the official refitting brand , What we advocate is “ Get out of the street legally ”.MG With the existing racing design concept and experience , Sinking to build mass production modified vehicles , The style of the modified car is handy .

MG6 XPOWER Advocate a sense of fashion and sports , The new car china open is quite hierarchical , It is designed by the waterfall grid in the outer layer and the blackened mesh in the inner layer , collocation LED Digital track headlights , Extend to the side of the body , Show unity . meanwhile MG6 XPOWER And a front lip , The spoiler design shows its track gene .

The side of the car body inherits MG6 Plump , The most bright spot is the wide body design of the wheel eyebrow , It's a sharp weapon out of the street ,6 The piston movement calipers are very eye-catching .

The most distinctive tail is the all carbon fiber tail , Can provide maximum 84kg Under pressure , Bring better handling feeling . Besides , Very sporty “X” The smoke black tail lamp echoes with the carbon fiber tail up and down , Domineering side exposure .

To show the pure track gene from the inside out , New car adopted Alcantara Of D Multifunctional sports steering wheel ,Alcantara This material is usually found on high-end sports vehicles ,MG6 XPOWER The performance on the interior decoration can be said to be full of sincerity .

Green grey contrast stitching design is adopted in many places in the car ,XPOWER Embroidered sports seats ensure comfort during intense driving .

The constant is the track gene

Pure modification is absolutely from the inside out ,MG6 XPOWER carrying 1.5T Turbocharged engine and permanent magnet synchronous motor , Combined maximum horsepower 305Ps, Combined peak torque 480N·m,0-100km/h Only 6 second . Full of power with the second generation 10 speed EDU Intelligent electric drive gearbox and 6 Piston calipers , Stop and go , Create good driving mobility , When it comes to handling, it means to fight everywhere , Users can fully enjoy the pleasant driving experience brought by the official modification .

It is worth mentioning that ,MG6 XPOWER Provide each owner with a unique limited edition number , Clearly visible on the door sill moulding , This is the exclusive treatment only for the limited models of high-end brands , Be truly different .


Refitting should not only be personalized , The legalization of driving safety is more important ,MG6 XPOWER As an official modified car , Can be directly on the card , Get out of the street legally , Intended to make more young consumers have to change 、 Can afford to buy . Believe in MG6 XPOWER Can get good sales with fashionable and dynamic appearance and abundant power performance .

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