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How does aion s achieve all the magic cars between traditional car enterprises and new forces?

2021-08-26 04:54:26 Oriental Information automobile

Recent years , More and more people begin to focus on new energy models . After all, the green card is really fragrant , And electricity is really saved , It's really cool to drive . Basically 20 10000 class new energy vehicles , Acceleration feeling and inside the car NVH performance , Never lose 50 10000 class traditional fuel vehicles .

But many users are very confused , New energy vehicles of traditional automobile enterprises , They dislike that the function is not fashionable enough , The new power's new car , They also feel that they are not confident about quality control , And not so practical . As the saying goes, sugar cane is not sweet at both ends , Do you have a car that covers both aspects ? There is , The most typical one is GAC EA's Aion S( Parameter picture ) , It has gradually grown into one of the best-selling intermediate cars .

(1) Quality is king , The secret of Ian's rise

The predecessor of GAC AEAN is GAC motor's new energy brand , Build electric cars early enough . In BAIC 、 The era of SAIC , It has quietly grown into the new energy vehicle enterprise with the highest sales volume in the Pearl River Delta .

At that time, everyone was actually half weight , After all, new energy vehicles were still relatively small at that time , Prices are also high , Most of them are used as government procurement vehicles and online car Hailing , Rely on state subsidies and policy support to survive .

But different from other car companies , Ai'an put the quality of the vehicle first in the morning , Even for non private users , We should also build the car carefully . Even if the endurance is limited by the technology at that time , The endurance can only be 300km about , We should also provide users with " Take care of yourself " Endurance of , Do a good job of what you can grasp .

Therefore, after the decline of state subsidies , The new energy business of many traditional models has suffered a devastating blow , On the contrary, the sales volume of aian has reached a new high , This is the result of word-of-mouth communication in the early stage .

Ai'an relies on GAC group , It also has unique advantages . Its quality management system originated from GAC Toyota , This system is designed for large-scale precision manufacturing , Always leave enough margin in the design , It can ensure the quality of vehicles in the whole life cycle , This is what other new forces do not have . Secondly, ai'an can also enjoy the strong supply chain operated by GAC for many years , In manufacturing, we choose to let the automatic process take on more work , Reduce the human error rate as much as possible .

Therefore, in terms of parts supply and assembly process ,Aion S It's very powerful , The new car gives the impression that it is very exquisite , No at all Model 3 Such a rough feeling .

(2) User oriented ,Aion S The way to balance

Aion S Definitely not the hottest model on the market , Even when we are discussing the first-line new energy models , Rarely take it with you . But in terms of sales , It's always on the front line , The sales volume is second only to Model 3 Of B Class new energy car .

New generation Aion S PLUS In order to " The wind starts the Star River " Design language for theme , Explosive wind plastic front face , High seal 、 Star storm wheel network with low opening rate , Plus dynamic 、 Low dive body , It looks full of science fiction and impact .

The drag coefficient of a new car 0.211 Only for Cd, Than Model 3 The wind resistance is lower . The maximum power of the drive motor is 165kW, The maximum torque is 350Nm, And Gao Gong 2.0T Quite powerful , Not too much " Electrified self weight ". its 0-100km/h Acceleration time is 6.8 second , Reached the entry threshold for performance vehicles .

Actually, for Ian , With a bigger motor , Realization 5 Second acceleration is not difficult , But it did not choose to do so , Because for most people , In fact, it doesn't work at all , It will also increase the energy consumption of vehicles . This makes it possible 602km Comprehensive endurance of , For one 15 For 10000 class electric vehicles , It can be said that it has achieved the ultimate .

This approach is not " Please ", Because at this stage, to be honest , New energy vehicles " Gimmick " It's still very important , Making a simple family car actually suffers some losses . But from the results " Loss is service ",Aion S It has become the first choice of family cars at the same level .

Aion S PLUS It also adopts the original magazine battery technology , Through innovative cell design , Higher energy density , At the same time, the security is also excellent . The new car is also equipped with a fully aware intelligent interactive system , Turn into a " Lazy happy car ".

You can use your mobile phone 、 watch 、 The car key can unlock the new car without feeling , It also supports remote unlocking and remote parking , It can also automatically close and open windows and skylights according to rainfall detection .ADiGO 4.0 Intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem can bring shocking audio-visual enjoyment , The simplified button can reach the desired... At one touch , The whole control process is smooth without delay .4810*1880*1515mm Body dimensions and 2750mm The wheelbase , It has a good riding space .

Aion S PLUS The biggest feature , It's actually balance . It doesn't pursue ultimate endurance or acceleration , But steadfastly in it 15 In the 10000 level positioning , Make a perfect fit in all aspects , It can meet the daily driving needs , At the same time, it can also provide a high-quality experience .

(3) Kung Fu shooting

therefore Aion S Series is actually a special existence in the new energy market , It embodies the rigorous and down-to-earth quality control of traditional automobile enterprises , At the same time, it also realizes the multi-functional configuration similar to the new forces , Then the price was controlled in a very reasonable range .

If the budget is 15 All around , Want to buy a really practical new energy car , In fact, that's it . With the increasing acceptance of new energy vehicles , expect Aion S Our sales will go up further .

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