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BMW i7 hypothetical picture exposes radical front face style and strong sense of interior technology

2021-08-26 04:54:36 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Foreign media drew a group of BMW according to the previously exposed road test spy photos i7 Hypothetical diagram of vehicle model , The new car is a new generation 7 The pure electric version of the series , Is expected to 2022 Official release .

From the hypothetical picture , The front face of the new car still adopts the familial double kidney grille design , The grille size is larger than cash , But the style is more mellow , Less muscle feeling . The headlight groups on both sides adopt a split shape , The day light is connected to the grille , Located at the top of the fender . The headlamp group is located on both sides of the grille , The interior is blackened , The size is small . The lower surrounding part adopts a three-stage shape , Chrome plated strips on both sides create a wrap around design , Effectively increase the sense of grade .

Side modeling , The whole line can still see the cash 7 Shadow of the system , The door handle adopts a semi hidden design , It can effectively reduce wind resistance . The upper edge of the window is also equipped with chrome plated strips , Effectively increase the sense of grade , The penetrating waistline also makes the visual effect more slender and atmospheric .

Tail shape , The new car still adopts the through tail lamp group design , And equipped with through chrome plated strips , Effectively stretch the lateral visual width of the tail . The shape of the tail lamp group is also more flat than the cash , The style is concise . The design language of the lower enclosing part is more complex , Creates a diffuser shape , Both sides are also equipped with thick black trim panels , The style is quite individual .

interiors , The rendering refers to i4 Design style of , It is equipped with a through curved double screen and a double width multifunctional steering wheel , The air conditioning operation area is still a physical key design , The air outlet is located below the operating area . The stopper design in the hypothetical picture is a small bright spot , Located on the right side of the steering wheel , It adopts knob type breast block design , The advantage of this is to make the shape of the cup holder area more concise , More storage space . motivation , Foreign media think i7 At least three versions will be available , Namely i740、i750 as well as i7 M60. among i740 Designed for single motor rear drive , and i750 It is a dual motor four-wheel drive system ,i7 M60 Will replace cash M760i The positioning of , Become a new generation 7 The most powerful version in the system . Battery capacity ,i740 It is expected to be equipped with capacity 80kWh The battery pack ,i750 Then it will be increased to 100kWh, and i7 M60 It is expected to be equipped 120kWh The battery pack ,WLTP Up to... Range 700 km .

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