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Hundreds of teams participated in 5 high level competitions, and the i-VISTA Auto Driving Challenge ended successfully.

2021-08-26 04:59:33 Oriental Information automobile

105 A racing team , A three-day intellectual race , It not only presented the audience with five high-level smart car duels , More focused on the strength and vision of China's Intelligent Manufacturing ……

8 month 22 On the afternoon of Sunday , Complete all events successfully 2021i-VISTA Autopilot challenge , An award ceremony was held in Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone , For teams and individuals who win places in the competition , Presented the trophy 、 Medals and prizes . Chongqing Economic and Information Commission 、 Liangjiang New Area Management Committee 、 Relevant person in charge of general technology China automotive research attended and delivered a speech .

As one of the brand events of China International Intelligent Industry Expo ,i-VISTA The autopilot car challenge has been successfully held for the four time , Its professionalism 、 Authority and influence , Not only recognized by the industry , stay C There are countless fans in the end consumer group . This year's competition , from 8 month 19 The sun blows , From car companies 、 Universities and research institutions 105 Teams , After three days of fierce competition , It's decided ADAS challenge round 、 The strongest car brain challenge 、 Virtual simulation challenge 、 Commercialization process challenge 、 The final ranking of the low-speed driverless challenge .

“ Through the game , We showed our strength , Won respect , At the same time, a short board was also found , We have found the right direction for tackling key technical problems .” Holding a shiny trophy , In the strongest car brain challenge, the winning representative of the first team of Cyrus can't hide his excitement , He confessed to reporters , Be able to participate in the world's top competition in the field of intelligent vehicles , Exchange views with many competitors who represent the highest level in the industry , This harvest is as important as winning the championship .

When delivering a speech on behalf of the event organizer , Wan Xinming, general manager of general technology China automotive research, said : This event is professional and interesting , For many scientific and technological innovation companies 、 Car companies 、 Users of universities and autopilot cars , It provides a high-quality communication platform . In the future ,i-VISTA Autopilot challenge and i-VISTA China intelligent vehicle index , It will continue to play the role of industry benchmark , Service consumers to buy cars , Guide enterprises to optimize development and design , Continue to empower the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry .

Practice by competition , Practice by competition . host i-VISTA Self driving car challenge , In addition to demonstrating new technologies in the smart car industry 、 New achievements and trends , Also face the pain points , Integrate resources of all parties to jointly explore solutions . Award ceremony site , Jiang Xueqian, a second-class inspector of Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said : In recent years , The development of intelligent automobile industry is in the ascendant , But it also faces many policy obstacles , There are many technical bottlenecks , The product has great limitations in application , Therefore, sufficient test verification , It is the inevitable way for the commercialization of automatic driving technology , The complex and diverse road scenes in Chongqing , It provides excellent conditions for automatic driving test and competition. . therefore , She believes in i-VISTA The auto driving challenge will be better and better. .

The home of this challenge , Moved to Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone , Its advanced hardware facilities and perfect supporting services , It ensures the smooth holding of the event . Li Jie, deputy director of the Management Committee of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, who attended the award ceremony, mentioned it in her speech : This year's competition , The performance of Chinese automobile brands is eye-catching , Especially as the representative of Chongqing Zhizao —— Changan Automobile and jinkangxilis , He has achieved gratifying results in many competitions , This also proves that scientific and technological innovation is promoting the rise of national brands , Intellectualization will become a breakthrough for China's automobile industry from large to strong .

Intelligent control , Challenge the future . In the gap between the award process , A super burning video brought everyone back to the hot game scene —— An orderly preparation scene 、 Exciting game scenes 、 Sweaty input state , When these segments recorded by the camera appear again , All the contestants 、 The referee 、 Personnel 、 The media 、 Volunteers and sponsor representatives , All showed a happy and happy expression . Although this year's competition has been successfully concluded , However, the exploration of intelligent vehicles and intelligent transportation continues , Finally, we agreed :i-VISTA Autonomous driving challenge , See you next year !

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