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SGMW Wuling Hongguang X concept car, popular brand

2021-08-26 04:59:35 Oriental Information automobile

SGMW Wuling , Brought a hard core that looks scary SUV Concept car —— Agatsuma X( The Chinese call it ” Hongguang Xia ". This is also the first concept car equipped with Wuling's new silver badge . meanwhile , Official expression , Agatsuma X It's not just a concept , It's a car to be mass produced , The current concept Hongguang appeared at Chengdu auto show x Infinitely close to the form of mass production vehicles .

Wuling macro light X Positioned as compact and strong SUV. The appearance design uses a large number of straight lines to outline a powerful appearance . The front face is Wuling brand new “ Wing movement aesthetics ” Design . Straight rod type LED Daytime running lights and huge square black air intake grille make the front face of the vehicle look different from any model sold by Wuling .

One side , Front face “X” Shape headlights give the new car a more futuristic design on the basis of square shape , On the other hand , It also echoes its name “ Agatsuma X”.

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