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More fashionable and intelligent, test drive Xiaopeng g3i first

2021-08-26 04:59:36 Oriental Information automobile

[ Car home Original test drive ] Xiao peng car G3 It can be regarded as the car made by the new forces “ Senior “ product ,2018 When launched at the end of the year , With technology 、 Smart tags have attracted the attention of many young people , At the same time, it also established the brand gene of Xiaopeng automobile . Now , This product has ushered in the traditional sense of “ Medium term change ”—— Launch Xiaopeng car G3i. that , What changes have been made in this update ? Is it sincere enough ? Is it worth buying ? Next, look for the answer .

As a mid - term change model , Xiao peng car G3 Even the name of the car has changed , Added in the back “i”, Meaning for Intelligence( intelligence ), Want to reflect the improvement of this product in intelligence . We got the subsidized price for the test drive 18.58 The top model of 10000 yuan (2021 paragraph G3i 520N), However, the car is still in the production verification stage (PT2 Stage car ), The final performance shall be subject to the mass production version .● A big change in appearance

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