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Opel plans to enter China's pure electric vehicle market. What is the probability of success?

2021-08-26 05:04:47 Love buying cars

The statistics of the passenger Association show that ,2021 year 7 month , The wholesale sales of pure electric vehicles in China have reached 19.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 205%; The wholesale sales volume of plug-in hybrid models is 4.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 196%. The booming pure electric vehicle market is bound to make car enterprises increase product launch , To gain more market share , Even some auto brands that have withdrawn from China can't help but want to fight again , For example, Opel .

recently , Opel executives made it clear that , Opel will return to China , Bring 100% Opel pure electric vehicles to Chinese consumers . that , Opel transformed into an electric vehicle manufacturer , Can we successfully gain a foothold in China's pure electric vehicle market ?

The start is a difficult pattern , It's not easy to get a foothold

People who know Opel should know , This car brand from Germany is actually 1993 It entered China in the form of import , But it didn't take the first mover advantage , It's very bad .2012 Years and 2013 year , Opel's annual sales in China are 4500 Vehicles and 4365 car , I can't compete with the Buick brand that flourished in China at that time .2015 year , At that time, Opel belonging to General Motors officially withdrew from the Chinese market .

Opel is not as good as Buick in China , It has a lot to do with GM's lack of attention to Opel brand . Because GM doesn't pay attention to , So Opel's marketing efforts are very small , Small enough to be negligible . in addition , Opel's price is on the high side 、 Disadvantages such as insufficient localization also hinder brand development to a great extent , Finally, Opel can only leave sadly .

from 1993 Year to 2015 year , Opel in China “ Beat up ” 了 22 year , However, low ownership and scarce advertising limit the improvement of brand awareness . in addition , Opel has been out of the Chinese market for many years , Nowadays, it is more like a new brand for domestic consumers . Low brand awareness and pure electric products with unknown reputation , Opel's trip back to China was full of hardships at the beginning .

however , stay Stellantis The top management of the group , Opel ( Now belongs to Stellantis The group ) It also has its own advantages , That's a German brand .“ German brands have a strong image in China .”Stellantis Tang Weishi, chief executive of the group, said . But just by “ German brand ” Can this attribute easily gain a foothold in China's pure electric vehicle market ? I'm afraid not .

as everyone knows , The sales volume of many Volkswagen brand models in China is very high , There are few rivals for the recognition of Volkswagen brands in China . But even so , VW is still in general in China's pure electric vehicle market . Official data show , stay 7 month , Shanghai Volkswagen ID.4 X and ID.6 X The total retail sales volume is 3009 car , With FAW - mass ID.4 CROZZ and ID.6 CROZZ equally , Can't get into the passenger Union 7 Monthly new energy sales list TOP15.

All in all , In the current pure electric vehicle market in China , It is not foreign car brands that have the main say . If Opel only highlights its German descent , I'm afraid it's hard to stand out in China's pure electric vehicle market . Now that the brand lineage does not have an absolute advantage , How to layout , In order to successfully gain a foothold in the Chinese market ?

As long as the product is sincere , Latecomers can also set off big waves

For Opel , Entering China's pure electric vehicle market is a new attempt . As a latecomer , Opel had better plan specific products according to the preferences of Chinese consumers , Don't move the best-selling models in Europe directly to China , Because the models loved by European consumers do not necessarily meet the needs of Chinese consumers . If you copy , It's likely to be acclimatized , Eventually waste time and energy .

Take endurance mileage for example , Opel's pure electric small car Corsa-e Of WLTP The range is up to 330km, But this does not have much advantage in the domestic market . in addition , Domestic consumers prefer large models , If Opel, famous for its small cars, wants to do well in the Chinese market , The size of its models must be adjusted . what's more , Opel needs to pay attention to model pricing , Volkswagen's sales of pure electric models are generally , It has a lot to do with their high selling price .

In addition to products , Opel also has to speed up channel construction and diversified marketing . at present , Shanghai Volkswagen ID. The family agent has expanded to 572 home , meanwhile 20 More than ID. Store (X) It has also opened , These are SAIC Volkswagen ID. The family's sales growth provides a good guarantee . Opel was in China “ Beat up ” many years , Ultimately, suck is not affected by marketing factors. , Completely withdrew from the Chinese market . If Opel returns to China , Then we must learn a lesson , Put some of your energy into marketing , And we should carry out precision marketing for different consumer groups .

Speaking of overseas auto brands returning to the Chinese market , I believe many people are not optimistic about their prospects , Because it was reduced to withdrawing from the Chinese market , That must be very unpopular with consumers . however , Opel's parent company has changed , And return as an electric vehicle manufacturer , This is very different from other overseas auto brands returning to the Chinese market . that , How likely is Opel to hand over a gratifying answer in China in the future ? It depends on Opel's intentions .

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