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MPV sales list in July: trumpchi M8 is firmly in the top three, and Wuling Capgemini is going to lose everyone?

2021-08-26 05:04:49 Love buying cars

recently , The Federation announced the car 、SUV and MPV Models of 2021 year 7 Monthly retail sales list and their 7 Monthly retail sales data , among MPV Models of 7 Monthly retail sales 8.7 Thousands of cars , Decline in chain ratio 3.9%, fell 8.8%.1-7 month ,MPV Cumulative retail sales reached 65.0 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 23.0%. that ,7 month MPV What is the change in the ranking of retail sales list ? today , When you buy a car, let's get to know more about .

The kei M8 Stay in the top three , The cumulative sales volume is expected to surpass Capgemini

stay 7 month MPV In the retail sales list , Wuling Hongguang is still in the top three of the list 、 buick GL8 And trumpchi M8, Trumpchi M8 At present, it has ranked third in the list for three consecutive months , It is also the biggest increase in the list MPV models . The list data shows , The kei M8 Of 7 Monthly retail sales 6258 car , An increase of 75.3%.

In terms of cumulative sales , The kei M8 front 7 The cumulative retail sales for the last month amounted to 38845 car , Year-on-year surge 180.6%. If the current growth rate is maintained , The kei M8 It is expected to surpass Wuling Kaijie this year , stay MPV It also ranks in the top three in the cumulative sales list .

As the flagship of GAC motor MPV models , The kei M8 It often appears in the MPV Monthly retail sales list TOP15 in , It's just that it's rare to rank third in a row . The kei M8 This year's ranking is gradually rising , It shows that the market recognition of the car is increasing . in addition , Trumpchi M8 The situation is similar to that of trumpchi M6 models , This is undoubtedly good news for independent brands .

roewe iMAX8 It is a large and medium-sized automobile owned by SAIC Roewe MPV, From the perspective of positioning, it should be trumpchi M8 competitors .7 month , roewe iMAX8 Still in MPV In the retail sales list , And the ranking is by 6 The 13th place in January rose to the 11th place , But retail sales have not changed much . at present ,2022 New roewe iMAX8 It has been officially launched , I wonder if the new model can make Roewe iMAX8 Further more .

Wuling Capgemini's ranking has gradually declined

The ranking of the list has risen and fallen . stay 7 month , Wuling Kaijie ranks seventh on the list , The ranking is not as good as 6 Sixth place in the month and 5 Fourth place in the month . Need to know , Wuling Capgemini ranked third in the first four months of this year , Now the monthly sales volume and the ranking of the list are declining , This shows that the heat of Wuling Kaijie is fading , The attraction is not as good as before .

Although Wuling Capgemini's monthly retail sales ranking has declined , But it still ranks third in the cumulative retail sales list , Press trumpchi slightly M8 One end . The list data shows , Wuling Kaijie 2021 Years ago 7 The cumulative retail sales volume in the last month is 40925 car .

As a high cost performance model of SAIC GM Wuling MPV, Wuling Kaijie in 2020 year 11 On the listed , And in the first month of listing MPV Top three retail sales , You can see the heat . It's just , Wuling Capgemini has been replaced by trumpchi M8 And trumpchi M6 Wait for the car to overtake , If you don't make a change , It's likely to never recover .

The new Odyssey is coming , But the possibility of ranking decline is greater ?

Trumpchi M8、 buick GL8 equally , Honda Odyssey and Allison are also MPV Regular customers in the monthly retail sales list , And the ranking is not low , High market recognition .7 month , The retail sales of Odyssey and Allison are 4648 Vehicles and 3938 car , The list ranks sixth and eighth respectively , Among them, the Odyssey ranks lower 6 Month has improved .

It is worth mentioning that , At present, the declaration information of the new Odyssey and the new Allison has been exposed , It is expected to be officially listed soon , Their arrival , It is expected to further promote the sales growth of Odyssey and Allison . But even so , Odyssey and Allison are still at risk of ranking decline , because MPV The market will soon usher in a number of new joint ventures MPV models .

When you bought a car, you learned , Beijing Hyundai's first MPV—— Cousteau will be this year 9 Month official listing , Dongfeng Yueda Kia new Jiahua will also join the battlefield . Besides , GAC Toyota also plans to launch MPV models —— Saina . All in all , buick GL8、 Odyssey, Allison and other models will usher in new rivals , It means MPV The monthly retail sales list will be reshuffled , As for who can laugh last , We'll see .

from 7 month MPV As can be seen from the retail sales list , Independent brand MPV The market recognition of models is increasing , And the heat is very high MPV Models may also face the dilemma of declining sales . Of course , What's more exciting is still to come . Not long after ,MPV There will be many new models in the market , There will certainly be a lot of good plays , And all we have to do is , Wait for time to give us new ranking results .

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