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In the list of SUV sales of automobile manufacturers in July, BYD ranked ninth, and Geely lost to Chery?

2021-08-26 05:06:42 Car buying network

2021 year 7 Monthly auto manufacturers sales ranking Car companies SUV Sales ranking 】 According to the data released by the passenger Federation a few days ago ,2021 year 7 month SUV Market wholesale sales 70.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 8.7%, Reduction in chain ratio 3.5%. from 7 Month car prices SUV In terms of sales volume , The joint venture brand is affected by “ Core missing ” It has a great impact on the decline of sales , Many joint venture car companies SUV The sales ranking also decreased accordingly . below , The editor of the car buying website takes you to have a look 7 Automobile manufacturers in January SUV Wholesale sales volume and its ranking :

7 month ,SUV The top four car companies in sales are all from their own brands , And compared with other automobile enterprises, the sales volume has a large leading advantage . Great Wall Motor's SUV Sales of 66672 car , Take a slight lead over Chang'an automobile , Successive car enterprises SUV Sales champion , However, the sales volume is month on month 6 Month down 7.2%. Chang'an Automobile followed , With 66520 Vehicle SUV Sales ranked second , Than 6 Monthly growth 9.5%.

7 Chery's car in January SUV Sales increased significantly compared with last month 27%, More than Geely SUV Sales ranked third , achieve 56073 car . among , Tiggo or dingle 8 Sales of 15612 car , Rapid way X70 sales 12041 car , Tiggo or dingle 3 Family sales 9175 car , Tiggo or dingle 5x、 Tiggo or dingle 7 Sales exceed 7 Thousands of cars .

Geely SUV sales 46997 car , Fourth place , Chain ratio 6 Month down 12.5%. among , Geely boyue sales 17036 car , Geely Binyue sales 7162 car , Sales are not as good as last month . Geely Dihao, which has just been on the market S、 The more lucky star L Sales exceed 6 Thousands of cars .

SUV Joint venture brands ranked fifth to eighth , Including FAW Toyota 、 Guangzhou Honda 、 Shanghai Volkswagen 、 Dongfeng Honda, etc , Sales exceed 2.3 Thousands of cars , Little difference . Byd's SUV Sales of 23356 car , SAIC Volkswagen 、 Dongfeng Honda SUV The difference in sales is only a few hundred , Ranked ninth , Excellent performance , It's rare to get into the top ten in sales . Besides , Gac Toyota 、 Shanghai automotive industry corporation 、 FAW Audi 、 Dongfeng Nissan SUV Sales exceed 2 Thousands of cars .

7 The main luxury brands in January SUV Sales are down from last month , Drop more than 20%. FAW Audi SUV Sales of 21450 car , fell 24.5%; BMW brilliance SUV sales 18151 car , fell 26.7%; Beijing Benz SUV sales 13835 car , fell 24.6%; FAW red flag SUV sales 11477 car , fell 25.1%.

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