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Car sales ranking of auto enterprises in July: Nissan and Toyota are in the top three, and BYD surpasses FAW Volkswagen?

2021-08-26 05:06:45 Car buying network

【2021 year 7 Monthly auto manufacturers sales ranking Car sales ranking of car enterprises 】 suffer “ Core missing ” Influence , This year, 7 In January, the sales volume of domestic car market continued to decline . According to the data released by the Travel Association ,7 In January, the wholesale sales volume of the car market was 71.9 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 7.2%. among “ Core missing ” The impact on the sales volume of joint venture car enterprises is particularly significant , So in the 7 The car sales ranking of car enterprises also changed greatly in June . below , Let's go and have a look 2021 year 7 Car wholesale sales volume and ranking of automobile manufacturers in June :

Due to the decline in Volkswagen car sales in the last two months , The sales ranking of Japanese brand cars was further improved .7 month , Car sales exceeded 5 There are three car enterprises with 10000 vehicles , All from Japanese car companies . among , Dongfeng Nissan car sales 59801 car , Won the champion of car sales list of car enterprises for a long time , Less than last month 6.9%. FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota ranked second and third , Car sales are 53415 Vehicles and 52033 car , Compared with last month, it has increased in varying degrees .

SAIC Volkswagen sales continue to decline , With 42874 The sales performance of cars ranked fourth , Reduction in chain ratio 7.1%. As “ Beidazhong ” FAW Volkswagen ,7 Car sales continued to decline in January , Sales are only 30392 car , It's not as good as the sales of a Toyota Corolla model , Reduction in chain ratio 20.4%.

BYD's sales increased steadily ,7 Monthly car sales reached 32894 car , The ranking also rose to fifth . among , Biadiqin PLUS Sales reached 16753 car , BYD Han sales 8522 car . SAIC GM Wuling car sales have declined ,7 Monthly sales volume is 28802 car , Chain ratio 6 Month down 15.3%.

Guangzhou Honda 7 Monthly car sales 29853 car , Compared with last month's growth 39.9%, The main reason is that the sales volume of accord increased significantly compared with last month , Among them, the sales volume of new fit 12031 car , Accord sales 10154 car , Lingpai sales 7482 car . however , The sales volume of Dongfeng Honda affected by supply is still very low ,7 Monthly car sales are only 14835 car , Only about half of the sales volume of GAC Honda , Among them, the sales volume of civic, as the main model, is only 7836 car , You know, civic's average monthly sales are 2 Thousands of cars .

Luxury brands , FAW Audi car sales 29558 car , Still in the lead , rose 17.7%. tesla 7 Monthly wholesale sales are stable , achieve 22614 car . Car sales of brilliance BMW and Beijing Benz continue to decline , Among them, brilliance BMW 7 Monthly car sales 23607 car , fell 27.5%; Beijing Benz car sales 17818 car , Chain ratio 6 Monthly decrease 19.7%.

7 There are also independent car enterprises with better monthly sales : SAIC car sales 27986 car , By a narrow margin ahead of Geely ; Geely car sales 27507 car , The car sales volume of Chang'an automobile is 25340 car .

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