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In July, MPV sales ranked the full version. Which daddy's cars are more popular?

2021-08-26 05:06:48 Car buying network

2021 year 7 month MPV Sales leaderboards Full version 】 This year, 7 In January, the sales of domestic passenger car market continued to decline , According to the data released by the passenger Federation a few days ago ,2021 year 7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of domestic narrow passenger car market 150.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 8.2%. among ,MPV The wholesale sales volume in the market is 8.1 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 12.7%. below , The editor of the car buying website takes you to see this year 7 month MPV Wholesale sales volume and ranking of vehicle models :

7 month , Wuling Hongguang and Buick GL8 They are different from 17324 Vehicles and 14115 The sales volume of cars ranks among MPV The top two in the sales list , Compared with last month, the sales volume increased greatly , However, the year-on-year declines were 35.3% and 17.3%.

Wuling Kaijie 7 Monthly wholesale sales rebounded significantly , achieve 6363 The car returned to third place , Month on month growth 105.5%.

Gac and kei M8 Continue to maintain strong market sales , achieve 6258 car , Year-on-year growth 75.3%, Fourth place .“ The younger brother ” The kei M6 sales 6896 car , Sixth place , Year-on-year growth 32.2%.

Honda Odyssey 7 In sales 5862 Fifth , The sales volume exceeds that of Allison , Year-on-year growth 58.4%. Honda Allison sales 3333 car , Ranked seventh , Sales are not as good as last month's 5122 car .

The sales of popular lingzhi and Jianghuai Ruifeng are relatively stable , Among them, the sales volume of Lingzhi is 4649 car , Year-on-year growth 9.1%; Ruifeng sales 2401 car , Slightly lower than last month's sales , fell 11.6%.

7 Monthly sales exceed 1 Thousands of models and : Saic chase G10 sales 2131 car , Saic chase G50 sales 1585 car , scenery 330 sales 1061 car , Mercedes V First class sales 1042 car .

Sales of other models are less than 1 Thousands of cars , Roewe, which has attracted much attention iMAX8 Sales of 949 car , Geely Jiaji sales 708 car , baojun 730 Only 609 car , VW's sales volume is as low as 283 car .

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