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Which is the first car for young families and the multifunctional family car within 150000?

2021-08-26 05:06:56 Car buying network

Now , quite a lot 90 after 、95 After marriage , With the gradual opening of the family planning policy , Many families have two or even three children . Change it . Because the family is more prosperous , The plan to buy a multi-functional family car has also been put on the agenda . One side is just getting married , High demand for vehicle economy ; The other side is consumption upgrading , The quality of the car should not be lost . therefore , Many friends set their sights on 15 Wan grade .

And in this class of models , Buick in the joint venture camp GL6 And Geely Jiaji and GAC motor in their own camp M6 Are all inseparable choices . that , From the perspective of household omnipotence , Who can better take into account the actual needs of everyone with these three cars ? Next , Let's take a look at !

Be practical at home , From space to comfort, you can't fall

For families with two or three babies , The family went out happily , You have to have plenty of space to sit comfortably . that ,GL6、 Jiaji and trumpchi M6 Between , Who is the real “ Household artifact ”? Let's start with the spatial layout .

Actually , All three vehicles are positioned as compact family multi-function vehicles . also , The gap in body size is not big , At most, it's a centimeter difference 、 The wheelbase of the vehicle is also 2.8 Meters . therefore , Next, we will mainly consider the spatial layout and seat comfort of the three vehicles .

First of all GL6. This car uses 2+2+2 Six seat layout . The front two rows of seats have large adjustment space , Able to travel at full capacity , Provide a comfortable space for each row of passengers . in addition ,GL6 Although the positioning is compact , But the six seats are designed to be wide , Terracotta brown color punching design, coupled with exquisite leather workmanship 、 Seat curve fitting human joints , Comfortable, breathable and elegant .

In terms of space practicability ,GL6 The rear two rows of seats can be placed separately . Whether it's moving , Or take the children to practice cycling 、 A scene like skiing , Can easily meet , Significantly improve the practicability of the car . After the second and third rows of seats are all down , The luggage compartment space can reach 1521L.

Geely Jiaji and GL6 There are many similarities , This car also uses 2+2+2 The six seat setting . In terms of riding space , Flexible seat adjustment , It can also show a strong sense of ride spaciousness . It's just , Compared to buick GL6, Geely Jiaji's seat design is still a little hot , The seat filler is slightly stiff , May affect the comfort experience .

In terms of storage space , Geely Jiaji is equally powerful . Except for the small opening in the trunk , Each seat in the back two rows can also be placed separately , So as to meet the actual needs under different use scenarios , Worthy of praise .

Gac and kei M6 Adopt the tradition MPV Of 2+2+3 Seven seat layout . The first two rows are also designed with independent seats , So it performs well in terms of comfort , And GL6 Be roughly the same . however , Three seats in the third row , But it makes this row of seating space more crowded , For emergency use only . Compared with , The kei M6 It is not very practical in daily life .

In terms of storage space , The kei M6 There is an obvious problem , That is : When the rear seats are down , The rear compartment obviously has a large step , Can't be completely flat . Although the space is good , But if you want to put some big pieces , There must be no GL6 And Jiaji's flat luggage floor is so convenient .

A real artifact with a baby , It must be a more intelligent existence

For many young families , Take the children out , It's a troublesome thing . For a while , Children cry, parents have to take care of it ? In a moment , You have to worry about the safety of children ? therefore , A real “ With child artifact ”, We still need to solve these two problems .

How to avoid children crying because they are bored by the car ? The wrong thing to do is : Coax the children while driving ; The right thing to do is : Put some audio books such as fairy tales for children , Let children feel at ease and learn knowledge invisibly . So how to make travel safer ? In addition to the driver's own control , It also needs to enrich the active and passive safety configuration of the vehicle !

Let's look at Buick first GL6. This car is equipped with eConnect 3.0 Internet technology , This system is not just as simple as a dual screen . While driving , You can listen as you please , Find some music for the children 、 Find some audio stories . in addition , The driver can also use the online navigation function 、Apple CarPlay And baidu Carlife Mobile mapping function , Improve the convenience of driving .

In terms of security ,GL6 It is the only standard configuration of all three cars 6 Models with omni-directional airbags . also , In terms of active security , GL6 It is also equipped with automatic parking aid 、 Blind area monitoring and lane departure assistance , It can monitor the surrounding risk factors in real time , And the driver reminds the driver , Avoid safety issues .

In Geely Jiaji , The functions related to intelligent network connection are also relatively complete , Real time navigation 、 Online music is not absent . It's just , For heavy mobile phone users , The car is not equipped with mobile phone Interconnection , When operating the phone , It's a little inconvenient .

In terms of security , Geely Jiaji is equipped with four groups of airbags , however , It's just for the front passengers . And in the back , There is no such configuration . in addition , In terms of active safety functionality , Geely Jiaji is also equipped with an active braking system , It can effectively avoid rear end accidents caused by distraction .

The kei M6 Although there is a piece on the center console 8 Inch screen , But only wired Carlife Mobile mapping function , Didn't let the car connect to the Internet , So when traveling , If you want your children to stop crying , You have to download the audio story in advance , Via Bluetooth or AUX Interface , It seems more troublesome .

And in terms of security configuration , The kei M6 The level of is relatively basic . Passive safety , Like Geely Jiaji , The kei M6 It is also only equipped with four sets of airbags , And it is not equipped with any active safety assistance . While driving , To ensure safety , You have to concentrate more .

An excellent family car , We need all-round power performance

Good open 、 fuel-efficient 、 worry 、 comfortable …… For a good family car , It is bound to meet such dynamic performance . So in terms of power configuration , buick GL6、 Geely Jiaji and trumpchi M6, Who has done everything ?

at present , buick GL6 All department “ Electrification ”, stay 1.3T+6AT On the basis of , Added a set of 48V Light mixed system . In terms of fuel power system ,GL6 Of 1.3T Engine and 6AT The gearbox itself has the quality of high efficiency and high comfort ,1.3T The engine is bringing 163 Horsepower, full power , It also reduces fuel consumption with various advanced technologies ; and 6AT The gearbox is also in terms of durability and smoothness , With a good performance .

and 48V Light mixed system , The power efficiency and smoothness will be further upgraded . Especially when starting and stopping ,48V The light mixing system starts directly , When the vehicle ignites, it can hardly feel the vibration ,NVH Better texture . and 48V Light mixing system can provide certain power support , Assist the engine when starting , And can bring high-power electrical appliances in the motor car . In this way , The fuel consumption under various working conditions is effectively reduced , The comprehensive fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 6.1L, It is the lowest fuel consumption of the three cars .

Geely Jiaji is equipped with a 1.8T The engine , This engine is actually the machine used in boyue before . Although the technology is relatively old , But the reliability is good , collocation 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , The comprehensive fuel consumption of this car is controlled at 7.5L.

And GAC trumpchi M6 With one 1.5T The engine , It's also a match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . Due to the heavy weight of the vehicle , Therefore, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km has also reached 7.5L.

It is worth noting that , Jiajihe M6 Pick up the 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Although it has high transmission efficiency , But don't forget , What does a family car need ? Smooth and reliable ! Even wet double clutch , There will also be overheating and other problems in the long-term congested traffic environment , Affect the ride performance during acceleration . also , Due to the wear of clutch plate , Later maintenance is also better than AT The gearbox is more complex .

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