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In July, the sales volume of imported cars was checked to see what luxury cars Chinese people like to buy?

2021-08-26 05:09:43 Car buying network

2021 year 7 Ranking list of monthly imported car sales Ranking of imported car sales 】 recently , The sales ranking of imported cars based on new car traffic compulsory insurance has been released , Total sales of imported cars 4.06 Thousands of cars , Slightly less than imports SUV Of 4.43 Ten thousand sales .2021 year 1-7 month , The cumulative sales of imported cars reached 27.0 Thousands of cars . The data of traffic compulsory insurance lags behind the actual sales volume of the terminal , For reference only .

7 month , lexus ES Sales continue to exceed 10000 , achieve 10821 car , Become the best selling luxury imported car , And sales are far ahead , It accounts for more than a quarter of the total sales volume of the imported car market . stay 7 In the luxury car sales list in January , lexus ES Its sales volume is second only to domestic Audi A6L、 BMW 5 The department and the BMW 3 system , You can also rank fourth .

Sales of other imported luxury cars compared to Lexus ES Large gap , Mercedes Benz S First class sales 2430 car , Second place ; audi A5 sales 2120 car , Third place ;MINI sales 2064 car , Fourth place .

7 BMW in March 7 Department sales 1890 car , Fifth place , With Mercedes S There is 540 The gap between cars . But in the 1-7 In terms of cumulative sales in January , BMW 7 Department sales reached 14635 car , With Mercedes S The gap between first-class sales is very small . As a Porsche of the same level Panamera、 audi A8L And Maybach S Class sales also exceed 1 Thousands of cars , Respectively 1526 car 、1429 Vehicles and 1006 car .

Rolls Royce phantom as a top luxury car ,7 The monthly sales volume is only 6 car , This year, 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 61 car , After all, this luxury car is expensive , Starting price 790 Ten thousand yuan . And cheap 3 Rolls Royce Gusteau with more than one million yuan ,7 In sales 50 car , This year, 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 301 car . Besides , Starting price 250 Ten thousand Bentleys gallop ,7 In sales 141 car , Cumulative sales in the first seven months of this year 837 car .

From the perspective of imported car brands , This year, 1-7 The best monthly sales are still Lexus , Cumulative sales reached 76711 car . BMW followed ,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 55767 car . Mercedes Benz brand ranks third , This year, 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 49034 car . And Audi is 35054 Car sales ranked fourth .

2021 year 7 month 80 Sales volume and ranking of imported cars , For details, see table below. :

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