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The monthly sales are only 563. Is the starting point of GAC Toyota lingshang the end point?

2021-08-26 05:09:52 Am mirror

At home A+ The secondary market was once regarded as a big cake , Volkswagen Sagitar is the only one in this field , It gives the sales performance that makes many other brands greedy , in addition , Most brands have not launched powerful models for this segment , The competition is relatively less intense than the traditional compact market .

As the most important joint venture brand in China , North and South Toyota have invested in Asian lion and lingshang in this segment respectively , Earlier listed Asian lion , It has been proved that there is a lack of sufficient competitiveness and fast Teng sharing cake , What about GAC Toyota lingshang ? Whether the situation is better ?

It is a pity that , did not , since 6 After listing at the beginning of this month , Current 7 month , GAC Toyota lingshang only achieved... In the whole month 563 Results of , You can't even pass .

Think back to last year's Guangzhou Auto Show , As the host, GAC Toyota lingshang , Once it appeared, it was quite high-profile , The topic around it , Is whether lingshang can pick FAW Volkswagen Sagitar off the horse , To assemble , At least it can break the dominance of Sagitar , No idea. , The monthly sales volume did not even reach the fraction of Sagitar , It's only been on the market for more than two months , The heat has decayed to almost invisible .

GAC Toyota lingshang , In fact, at the level of product power , It also lacks enough competitiveness , As a lapi model of leiling , Only some dimension data have been added and replaced 2.0L engine , No sincerity .

Comparison between vehicle level and Sagitar , It's also the whole body that was hit , The length, width and height of lingshang's body are 4695/1780/1435mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, The length, width and height of the Sagitar body are 4753/1800/1462mm, The wheelbase is 2731mm. configuration , Sagitar is equipped with parking radar as standard 、 Reversing image , And lingshang can only be seen with high matching , Although other configurations have their own advantages and disadvantages , But on the whole, Sagitar still has the upper hand , Need to know , Sagitar itself is not good at configuration , thus it can be seen , How bad is Ling Shang's performance .

what's more , GAC Toyota lingshang 14.88 Starting price of 10000 yuan , It's higher than Sagitar 1 Thousands of multivariate , And at present, there are more than 3 10000 yuan terminal discount , And Ling hasn't entered the preferential period yet , After all, it's only been on the market for two months , Give a discount , It's hard to avoid hanging on your face .

The mirror thinks , Compared with FAW Toyota Asian lion , GAC Toyota lingshang seems a little sloppy , And the Asian lion listed two months earlier , The total sales volume in three months is only 1.3 Thousands of cars . therefore , Both externally and internally , Lingshang's comprehensive product performance is too poor , The new car stage becomes a drag bottle , This is extremely rare in Toyota products , Unfortunately , Ling Shang may be nailed to the stigma of Toyota for a long time .

Actually , At home A+ The primary market is not as big as expected , The models currently used in this segment , Basically swept by speed , The origin of Sagitar , It has been positioned as a high-end compact , Never changed , And the backward models of various brands , Most of them are from their compact models , It's easy for consumers to think they're making up for it , And lingshang's practice shows GAC Toyota's opportunistic heart , Length and width data are the same as leiling , The driving quality has not been improved at all , Poor workmanship and materials , Just lengthening the wheelbase is A+ Fields make up numbers , It's just a pity , Domestic consumers , It's not so easy to cheat .

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