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Great Wall Motors sold 19167 vehicles in Russia from January to July, exceeding that in 2020

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How about Great Wall Motor's achievements in Russia ? The answer is ! In recent days, , European Business Association (AEB) The release says ,7 month , The sales volume of Great Wall Motors in Russia reached 2932 car , Year-on-year growth 60%;1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 19167 car , Year-on-year growth 126%. among , Harvard's first love 7 Monthly sales reached 988 car , Close increase on a month on month basis 9%, Make it the best selling model of Haval in Russia .

Of course , This achievement is really not much compared with Harvard's sales in China , But Great Wall Motors is still in the stage of market development in Russia , Sales will gradually climb . On the one hand, Great Wall Motors is also increasing its marketing efforts in Russia , For example, E-sports marketing closer to young people . On the other hand , Great Wall Motor's reputation among car owners is getting better and better , Reasonable price 、 Configuration is high 、 Appearance is beautiful beautiful , It should be a prospect .

that , How big is the Russian market ? Let's take a look at the scale of the Chinese market first —— This year, 7 month , Our Chinese auto market , Automobile production and sales are completed separately 220.1 Thousands of cars and 211.2 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 21.9% and 16.4%. Compared with us , The Russian market is much smaller , One year's new car sales are less than our one month's sales .

According to the European Business Association (AEB) The data of , Due to the global microchip crisis, auto dealers have a shortage of inventory , Russia 7 New car sales fell in January 6.5% to 132640 car . The first seven months of this year , The cumulative sales of new cars in Russia reached 953760 car , Compared with the same period last year, it still increased 28.4%.

Look at last year's data . Russia 2020 Annual new car sales data , by 159.88 Thousands of cars , Than 2019 The year slipped. 9.5%.

that , Which cars sell well in the Russian market ? Where are Chinese brands ?

The number one seller is LADA , exceed 30 Thousands of cars , Don't think it's a Russian brand , In fact, it is controlled by Renault Nissan Alliance ; The second place is Kia of South Korea , near 20 Thousands of cars ; The third place is Hyundai , sales 16 Thousands of cars ; The second is Renault 、 The public 、 skoda 、 Toyota 、 nissan 、GAZ LCV( Light commercial vehicles ) And BMW 、 Mercedes . Of the top eleven, only GAZ LCV It's a local brand in Russia . Their sales account for about... Of the Russian auto market 85%.

The best Chinese brand in Russia is Great Wall Motors ,2020 In, its sales volume in Russia ranked No 16 position , The sales 17361 A new car , and 2019 The sales volume of Harvard in is 12284 car , Sales increased by 41.5%. So before this year 7 More than... Months 2020 Annual sales , It can be seen that this year will definitely set a new high . Other Chinese brands such as Chang'an 、 chery 、 Geely is also doing well in Russia , There is a trend towards better and better .

Russian consumers think , Chinese car prices are not high 、 Bright appearance 、 Comfortable and technologically rich , Better than other brands .

Extended reading : Great Wall Motors is located in Brazil , Aim at the South American market

8 month 18 Japan , Great Wall Motors and Daimler group have signed an agreement on the acquisition of the malapolis factory in Iraq, Brazil . According to the agreement , Including land 、 Workshop 、 The Brazilian irase mapolis factory, including machinery and equipment, will be handed over to Great Wall Motors . This transaction is a pure asset transaction , Personnel transfer is not involved . Factory delivery will be completed by the end of this year , The annual capacity of the transformed plant will reach 10 Thousands of cars , The products produced will cover the markets of Brazil and other countries in South America .

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