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Is it worth buying GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX without ESP?

2021-08-26 05:10:03 Am mirror

It is hard to imagine ,2021 In the domestic automobile market in , Can you find a full line ESP This joint venture of basic security configuration SUV models , Besides, , This car is really not cheap , It is GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX, again , It's not in the whole department ESP, Including top version , And the top model , The landing is approaching 14 ten thousand .

since 2010 Since entering the domestic market in the form of import , With the technical endorsement of Mitsubishi brand , Jinxuan was once a hot one in the domestic market SUV models , Mature and durable product characteristics , It has also been recognized by many consumers , Although sales have fallen year by year in recent years , But it is far from bleak to delisting , therefore , Even after belonging to GAC , Also step by step against Jinxuan ASX Upgrading and upgrading .

however , Core competitiveness at the product level , Because of the old platform , It has never been fundamentally enhanced , Originally in the compact market segment to fight the strength of dazzle ASX, Also because of the gradual lag of product power , The silent downgrade began with a small SUV Grab the market , therefore , If you have to say the advantages , Most of them are based on this , For example, the wheelbase parameter brought by the original level advantage , Compared with the interior space, it performs well in the field of small cars , in addition , The driving texture brought by the solid rear independent suspension and the good product quality inherited so far , It's all cash ASX A few product advantages , Many Mitsubishi fans , Also because of these two advantages , Also continue to choose the configuration side, which is obviously outdated ASX.

If you value the above two advantages , So GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX It's worth choosing , however , besides , Even if there are a few other requirements for the model , Can't choose it , First of all, the configuration side can be said to be poor , In addition to the top model, there are a few things , None of the other three , Two airbags for the driver and passenger , The interior is made of pure plastic , It can be said that simplicity is to the extreme , therefore , If you pay more attention to configuration , that , Only top configuration can be selected , Of course , Considering the price of top configuration , It can't be said that it has cost performance , It can only be said that it meets the basic expectations .

As for motivation ,1.6L This version only provides manual transmission , It is only suitable for old drivers who can drive manual gear and are practical ,2.0L The self priming version matches CVT transmission , More than smooth , Lack of passion , It's a certainty beyond 100 seconds , And compared with the small displacement turbocharged engine commonly used in the same level , When performance is not dominant , Fuel consumption has almost no advantage .

From the product level alone , GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX Almost an era behind , None of them ESP Even more unforgivable , This is a typical attitude problem , But as long as the solid quality reputation is not lost by GAC , With the brand of Mitsubishi , Can still attract a group of self proclaimed " Know the car " Consumers pay for it , And preach the theory that allocation is useless , therefore , GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX, In fact, it is only suitable for such a small group of wonderful consumers to buy , But for cars, in addition to the transportation function , And anyone who needs it , GAC Mitsubishi Jinxuan ASX They don't have any recommendations .

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