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How to reflect the high cost performance? Just look at the selection of Geely star L

2021-08-26 05:11:54 Am mirror

Since Geely entered 4.0 After the product line , New cars are on the market frequently and of high quality . In terms of cost performance, needless to say , The main models are on 2.0T Power , Intelligent networking systems have been strengthened ,CMA The platform is equipped with 5G Technology is very powerful . As one of the levers of independent brands , The newly launched Xingyue L It's even better . today AM Let's take a look at the mirror , This comes from CMA How does the king of cost performance of the platform perform .

Looks like Volvo

The more lucky star L Looks like Volvo XC90 A bit similar , In fact, it's because of positioning , Volvo XC90 It's a luxury route , And the more auspicious the star L It is also a luxury route in its own product line . Therefore, the appearance design , The lines are horizontal and vertical , Many horizontal lines are parallel to the ground level , It looks calm . The air intake grille on the front face is wide , The design of straight waterfall is also very high-grade , The chrome decoration is just right .

The sides are as straight as lines , There is no excess decoration and contrast design , Simple and elegant , There are chrome trim to decorate the body . The low configuration adopts 18 Inch wheels , The high configuration adopts 19 and 20 Inch wheels . The body length, width and height are respectively 4770/1895/1689mm, Wheelbase reached 2845mm, Locate compact SUV, But the size has been regarded as leapfrog performance at this level .

The design of the rear of the car echoes the front face , The through tail lamp is horizontal and vertical , The lower chrome trim is also parallel to the body waist line and the ground , Hidden exhaust design is adopted , There is auspicious English in the middle of the tailgate LOGO Inlay therein .

The interior design is bold

The biggest feature of entering the car is not the triple screen , It's the color . This time the stars are more L Very bold , Bronze green is used as the main color , With rose gold decorative lines . You may not be able to see the high sense in the picture , But after entering the real car , This color immediately set off a luxurious atmosphere . And the interior uses a lot of high-grade leather , Both workmanship and feel are very good , It shows Geely's car making technology and quality in recent years .

Another feature of the interior must be three large screens , There are high-end models 12.3 Inch LCD instrument , With central control 12.3 Inch screen , At the same time, a piece is also installed in the co pilot's position 12.3 Inch shared large screen , Line up horizontally from left to right . This car engine system is called “ Geely galaxy OS”, The co pilot can operate the navigation and other interfaces , Then fly the set route to the central control or instrument panel , The sense of ceremony is very strong, and it also improves the communication and interaction between the driver and the passenger . geely CMA The platform is also equipped with FOTA The whole vehicle is upgraded online , It is convenient to add new functions for experience in the future .

Powerful power configuration

In terms of motivation , Although the whole line is equipped with 2.0TDrive-E Series engine , But there are high and low power , The low configuration model is equipped with 160 kw (218 horse ),325 cattle · m 2.0T The engine , matching 7 Wet double clutch gearbox . The performance on the data has been excellent . The high-power version is equipped with 175 kw (238 horse ),350 cattle · m 2.0T The engine , With super boost mode , The torque can be extended to 380 cattle · rice , Match a 8 Self - contained gearbox .

AM Mirror configuration analysis :

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO Two wheel drive comfort

The price is :13.72 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :****

Although the star is more L Getting started with , But as a wheelbase 2845mm Of SUV Come on , Also has a 2.0T The price of power itself has exceeded its value . Also has a 360 Panoramic reverse image 、 Panoramic skylight can be opened 、10.25 Inch LCD instrument 、12.3 Inch center control screen 、 Car networking 、OTA upgrade 、 Online navigation 、 whole LED The light source , Rear air conditioning outlet and PM2.5 Filter unit . These configurations are already very comprehensive , If you're not obsessed with the co pilot's screen , The existing configuration can meet the requirements of daily use , This configuration for getting started is highly recommended .

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO Two wheel drive luxury

The price is :14.52 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :**

More expensive than the previous configuration 8000 element , More side air curtains 、 Electric induction trunk 、 Power folding of rearview mirror 、 Zone controlled air conditioning 、8 Speaker and transparent chassis functions . Just add some convenience functions to the previous configuration , It has little impact on daily use , The entry-level version seems more attractive .

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO Two wheel drive noble

The price is :15.52 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :****

It's ten thousand yuan more expensive than the previous configuration , Have the 19 Inch wheels 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane keep 、 Traffic sign recognition 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、12.3 Inch LCD instrument 、 Driver's and passenger's electrically adjustable seats 、 Front seat heating 、 Driver's seat ventilation 、 Co driver's seat 12.3 Inch screen 、 Matrix form LED headlight 、72 Light color atmosphere 、 Front soundproof glass 、 Driver's seat and mirror memory , And qualified to spend more 5000 Yuan optional Cuiyu magic suit . This configuration is already very luxurious , The extra 10000 yuan is worth more , And the overall price 15.52 Ten thousand yuan , It has great competitive strength in the same level .

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO Two wheel drive flagship

The price is :16.52 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :*****

Ten thousand yuan more than the previous configuration , The upgrade 20 Inch wheels 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Park in 、 Bluetooth key 、HUD Head up display with AR function 、 Active noise reduction 、10 The speaker BOSE sound 、 Front row mobile phone wireless charging 、 Passenger seat ventilation 、 Back privacy glass 、 Independent air conditioning in the back row 、 Vehicle air purification and other functions . If there is not much demand for high-power engine and 4WD , This configuration is already excellent , Basically, the luxury configuration and intelligent technology configuration are fully equipped , And many functions have practical value , It is the most recommended configuration in the whole vehicle series .

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO High power automatic 4WD noble

The price is :17.52 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :***

It's 10000 yuan more expensive than the two-wheel drive top configuration flagship version , The engine has been changed 2.0T High power type , The gearbox is 8 Block hand from one body 、 Multi disc clutch type central differential is adopted 、 Timely 4WD function 、 More off-road mode options 、 Lower the rim into 19 Inch 、 In addition to active noise reduction 10 The speaker BOSE Outside the stereo , It is equivalent to the two-wheel drive noble configuration . Compared with the two-wheel drive noble model, it costs 20000 yuan , It is suitable for consumers who require high power and driving experience .

2021 paragraph 2.0TD DCT EVO High power automatic 4WD flagship

The price is :18.52 Ten thousand yuan

recommend :**

Except for the power system 、 In addition to the improvement of 4WD and off-road modes , Same configuration as the two drive flagship , But the price is 20000 yuan , The cost performance of this car is not high , But looking at the whole auto market , With high power 2.0T The engine 、 4WD system and many luxury configurations , The overall cost performance is pretty good . But the price has broken through 18 Ten thousand yuan , A lot of people will definitely be in the joint venture SUV Hesitation in , At this time, it is necessary to choose which is more important between brand value and configuration .

AM Mirror summary :

Obviously, the more stars L The whole car line is very cost-effective , Especially in terms of configuration . The entry configuration has reached the level of medium configuration or above of other models at the same level . Thanks to the new CMA platform , Even the lowest configuration model can realize the whole vehicle FOTA upgrade . But with the improvement of configuration , Prices are also rising , The number of models available at the same price increases gradually , But even so, at the same price , The more lucky star L Our configuration is still ahead of our competitors at the same price .

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