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Comprehensive evolution of performance and intelligence Chang'an Auchan X7 plus is a new benchmark for Chinese brands

2021-08-26 05:11:58 Am mirror

Seven or eight years ago, if you wanted to compare a domestic car with a joint venture car , I believe most people would shake their heads at home-made cars at that time , Because at that time, the performance of domestic cars was really not as good as that of joint venture cars , In particular, the gap between the three major parts is obvious . But these years , Chinese brand car enterprises have accumulated a lot , No matter in terms of power performance or vehicle quality, it has not lost to the joint venture brand models , It even surpasses the joint venture car in some aspects , Thus, it has gradually been recognized by everyone . today AM The car mirror will introduce you to this model , It is the very representative Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS.

Driving performance ahead of its peers

What appearance 、 We don't want the old-fashioned introduction of interior upholstery , In addition to the high appearance of this car itself , What we want to tell you most today is its performance .

When it comes to the performance of a car , The first thing we think of is the engine and gearbox , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The new generation of Chang'an blue whale NE1.5T High pressure direct injection engine and blue whale 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Achieved zero hundred acceleration 8.23s、 100 braking distance 38.57m, A top speed of 214km/h, The outstanding results of these peer leaders are very eye-catching .

A new generation of blue whales beyond their peers NE1.5T High pressure direct injection engine

The new generation of blue whales NE1.5T High pressure direct injection engine is actually an engine jointly built by Changan Automobile UK team and Chongqing team , And according to the grapevine, the development of this engine , And Aston Martin's engineers are involved . Thanks to such a strong technical team , So this engine achieves maximum power 138kW, Maximum torque 300N·m, The thermal efficiency reaches 40%, At present, fuel engines can achieve... In terms of thermal efficiency 40% There are only a few car companies such as Toyota . Besides , The power data of this engine can also be compared with that of other brands 2.0T The engine is shoulder to shoulder . The reason why this engine can achieve such excellent power performance , It is inseparable from its electromagnetic turbocharging 、 A series of sophisticated technologies such as dual outlet integrated exhaust manifold , And its original “AGILE agile ” Air guide type high efficiency super clean combustion system , Achieved the industry's top 350bar In cylinder direct injection pressure .

More controllable blue whale 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission

After talking , Let's take another look at Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The transmission , First of all, we need to know why there are many models equipped with dual clutch gearbox on the market , The reason is that the gearbox purchased is not developed for which model , The data of the gearbox is also not open to the public , Therefore, there will be a lot less places left for car enterprises to adjust . And Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS It adopts the blue whale independently developed by Chang'an 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , All its programs are developed by Chang'an itself , This allows the engine and gearbox to match , Make the best adjustment , This prevents the transmission from limiting the power of the engine , It can give better play to the performance of the engine .

Having said so much, Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Advantages in engine and gearbox , So how does this car drive ?

Extreme and unconventional vehicle test

Not long ago, Chang'an Auchan conducted extreme and unconventional tests on it at the automobile test site in Western China . You know, this test site is the cost of Chang'an Automobile 13 Build a professional automobile testing ground in line with national standards with RMB 100 million , among , Covering more than 70 test sites 、 Thirteen main roads and four bridges , A purgatory level testing ground .

In this purgatory level testing ground, Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Front and back on special roads 、 Cobblestone road 、 The ramp 、 Wading and other comprehensive road conditions were tested , Its performance is excellent , It well shows that Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Trafficability and climbing ability . Besides , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The body chassis also gives consideration to the handling stability and ride comfort of the vehicle to the greatest extent .

Strong lap performance Comparable to new energy models

Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Still in chief 5430m High speed performance on the loop , Compete with three new energy models . You should know that the speed ratio between fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles is not a small disadvantage , After all, the acceleration of new energy vehicles is much faster . Finally, Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS With 2 He won the second place in the whole score , It shows strong power performance .

Intelligent and comprehensive technology configuration

Of course, Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS In addition to outstanding performance , Its intelligent configuration is not inferior to that of the same level models , In terms of hardware, Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS It adopts the industry-leading extreme speed 8 Nuclear chip 、12 An ultrasonic radar 、4 A large number of advanced hardware equipment such as fish eye camera . Besides , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS It also carries the whole scene OnStyle3.0 Intelligent vehicle control system 、Geeker Internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system 、 Adaptive cruise system (ACC)、APA5.0 One touch parking system 、 No wheat KTV Hi, sing system 、 All weather bodyguard monitoring system 、 Transparent chassis technology 、 Clairvoyant remote video system 、Babyin car Rich intelligent technology configuration such as child care mode , It can protect the safety of your car and passengers in real time .

Extremely responsive vehicle engine system

Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS In addition to these peer-leading intelligent configurations , The interactive experience of its vehicle machine intelligent system is also very good , It's a quick reaction . The third-party professional test team on site adopts the same test equipment and technology , To Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Tested the vehicle machine intelligent interaction with three new energy models on site , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Also achieved good results .

Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The performance of the car body is also very good ,4730mm*1870mm*1720mm LWH ,2786mm Extra long wheelbase , Such body data will certainly bring a wide and comfortable space in the car .

Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Will be in 8 The pre-sale is officially opened at the end of this month , The specific price has not been announced , But according to Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Look at the location , The price rate will probably be in 12-15 All around .

AM Mirror summary :

Independent brand models have been updated at an unimaginable speed in recent years , Now independent brands, regardless of appearance 、 In terms of power and configuration, it is no less than the joint venture car . Like this Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS On the power 1.5T Our engine did it 138kW Power 、300N·m Torque and 40% The thermal efficiency of , Combined with 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , And so it did 214km/h A top speed of 、8.23s Speed up 、38.57m 100 braking distance , This dynamic performance really gives us a big shock . In intelligent configuration , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Whether it is intelligent configuration such as extremely responsive vehicle machine system or internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system , These are things we couldn't imagine before . So now let's not always say that independent brands are not good , This Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS It is the best representative of the rapid development of our own brand in recent years , If you have a chance to drive this Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS You will know how much surprise your own brand can bring to you . What's more, it's worth mentioning , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Not a heap configuration , It's about optimizing the configuration 、 Refine the experience , The degree of humanization in the global car sales , Are leading , Don't believe it , When it's on the market, you can try !

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