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Young entrepreneurs died driving Weilai es8, so laws and regulations on automatic driving should be formulated as soon as possible

2021-08-26 05:12:03 Am mirror

A recent story about " Meiyihao " The obituary notice of the company's founder Lin Wenqin's death in a car accident triggered a heated discussion on the Internet , It is reported that this obituary is " Meiyihao " The official account of WeChat is released , The obituary said :" Lin Wenqin drives Weilai ES8 The car is turning on autopilot (NOP Pilot status ) after , A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai Expressway , Unfortunate death , At the age of 31 year ."

Lin Wenqin as " Meiyihao " The founders of the company have successively created Yiqi port style afternoon tea "、" Daxi spicy mix "、" Pan juxia "、" Nail like Flower Nail Powder " And many other well-known catering chain brands , National franchise store super 500 More than .

The accident vehicle is coming ES8,ES8 It is the first mass production and sales model of Weilai , It is also the flagship model at present , It adopts pure electric drive , It is manufactured by Weilai of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd , The official price is 46.80-62.40 Ten thousand yuan . among NIO Pilot The autopilot system is optional , Respectively 1.5 Ten thousand yuan selection bag and 3.9 Ten thousand yuan, including two kinds .

According to netizens' photos of the accident scene , This is Wei Lai ES8 It has collided with the cone barrel placed on the highway and the highway maintenance vehicle , The road maintenance car was knocked over , The damage is serious . Wei Lai ES8 The roof of 、 Cockpit A Columns and doors are severely damaged , The vehicle's B The column was also damaged to a great extent .

After the accident, Mr. Zheng and several other friends established " Mr. Lin Wenqin funeral group " Help Lin Wenqin's family deal with the aftermath , And expressed his views on the accident . First of all, Mr. Zheng said ," It has been checked that Lin Wenqin does not take drugs or drink driving , And confirmed orally with the person in charge of Fujian Minnan District of Weilai company to the traffic police by telephone , The vehicle was on autopilot ."

And then , Another former friend of Lin Wenqin, Mr. Lin , Lin Wenqin's mobile phone, Wei Lai APP data , The data shows , The vehicle was in NIO Pilot The autopilot system is driving 72 km , Of the total mileage 84.7%, Use time 48 minute , Of the total time 42.5%. Pilot assistance mileage 68 km , Of the total mileage 80%, Pilot assistance duration 44 minute , Total time 38.9%. The maximum driving speed is 114 km / when , In the driving speed column , Broken line diagram 56 After minutes, the speed drops to zero , Indicates that the accident occurred .

Besides , As a member of the funeral group, Mr. Zheng also said ," at present , We're not sure what to do next , Wait for the traffic police to identify the whole accident and Wei Lai's statement . However, Weilai automobile is required to disclose all data of the company's vehicles , Including the cause of the accident , We want to know the truth of the accident ."

After the accident, the founder of Weilai automobile 、 Chairman of the board of directors 、 CEO Li Bin left a message in Weilai car applet saying :" I am very sad that such an excellent young entrepreneur died ."

Qin Lihong, co-founder and President of Weilai, also posted a message :" Very sad , Very sorry , Mourn the dead , May he die peacefully ."

Zhang Bo, general manager of Weilai automobile Xiamen regional company, is in Weilai APP China said :" We are cooperating with the local traffic police and other relevant departments to investigate the accident , And will assist the user's family members to deal with the aftermath ."

16 On the afternoon of the th, Weilai Auto's official microblog made a statement on the matter , The statement said :"8 month 12 Japan 14 Some more , Wei Lai user Mr. Lin collided with an engineering vehicle in operation in the Hanjiang section of Shen Hai Expressway , Unfortunately died . In order to ensure the safety of accident vehicle battery after high-speed collision , same day 17 Some more , Weilai service personnel cut off power in the parking lot of the accident vehicle , The job itself will not cause data loss .8 month 13 On the afternoon of Sunday , At the request of interested parties , Witnessed by the client of Mr. Lin's family and the police , Weilai technicians carried out the first field data extraction .8 month 16 On the afternoon of Sunday , The technical team of Weilai headquarters arrived in Putian , Cooperate with the police and judicial expertise authorities to read the data in the next step . Since the accident , Weilai has been actively cooperating with relevant departments in accident investigation , Submit the information required for the investigation according to the procedure . The company does not delete or modify any data , No employees were summoned by the police ."

For this accident, many netizens think it was Wei Lai's car NIO Pilot Caused by the autopilot system , But Weilai car was early in 2020 year 10 month , Zhang Jianyong, head of Weilai driverless system engineering department, is in Weilai APP It was released on 《 Pilot assistance (NOP) Use guide 》, He wrote :" It must be emphasized again and again that , We must not NOP Equivalent to automatic driving . And Pilot equally ,NOP It is still a driving aid function , And may quit at any time when the working conditions cannot be met . When use , We must always pay attention to traffic conditions and road environment . For users who are inexperienced in the use of some automatic driving AIDS , Please try to get familiar with Pilot After the function , Try using NOP."

In fact, this is not the first time that Weilai auto assisted driving has a problem , As early as this year 5 month , A Yulai ES8 A car accident on Jianguomen inner street in Beijing , The front of the vehicle is severely damaged , But no casualties were caused . And just half a month ago, a Wei came EC6 The vehicle was seriously damaged after hitting the stone pier on Lingang Avenue in Pudong New Area, Shanghai , The vehicle caught fire and burned violently , Thick black smoke , The owner was killed .

In fact, the vehicles on sale in China have not reached the level of automatic driving , At this stage, the vehicles on sale are just L1 Level and L2 Class a autopilot , This is just a simple environment awareness and execution function , At this time " Autopilot " Shall be deemed " Auxiliary driving ", The main operation is still completed by the driver . And more advanced L4 Or L5 Level automatic driving can be regarded as real automatic driving . However, at present, the national law has not liberalized the specific division of responsibilities of automatic driving , So fully automatic driving can't be realized yet .

At this stage, the reason why users are L2 There is a misunderstanding on the level 1 autopilot assist system , This is similar to the promotion of automobile enterprises in order to improve the publicity effect , Generally, it focuses on publicity " Automatically " and " intelligence " Equal word , Avoid light publicity " auxiliary " Equal word , This reflects the breadth and depth of our Chinese characters and the publicity of automobile enterprises " Exaggerate ".

Some netizens also expressed their opinions on this , The mirrors are also simply sorted out , Let's take a look at .

AM Mirror summary :

In fact, whether it's Wei Lai this time ES8 The accident was the previous Tesla brake problem , These are the rapid development of our intelligent driving , A stage that has to go through , However, in order to expand the publicity effect of their products , And deliberately enlarge " Automatically " and " intelligence " Equal word , As a result, users have misunderstandings in this regard , A blind trust in autopilot , Relaxed the necessary judgment of the road , It led to the accident . Therefore, we also call on relevant national departments to formulate a set of practical and powerful laws and regulations on automatic driving as soon as possible .

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