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The return rate is super "big G"? This Chinese car is so handsome!

2021-08-26 05:12:29 Car home

This year, 4 month , Great Wall's tank brand was officially released , As soon as the lineup appeared, it attracted countless attention , This is based on tanks 300 There are not a few modified models , tanks 300 Cyberversion is one of them . Two days before , The declaration drawing of the new car was officially exposed , Let's take this opportunity to review this new car with a high return rate .

The square and strong shape gives the tank model a unique visual effect , With the theme of cyberpunk , It must be eye-catching on the road . Psychedelic neon elements and avant-garde lighting effects make the new car look very futuristic , Through modeling LED The lamp strip and the collimator like lamp groups on both sides of the front bumper are simple in shape , At the same time, it has a high degree of recognition .

The straight line elements and the outward expanding wheel arch shape make the side of the car look very powerful , The opening angle of the front and rear doors is excellent , It is very convenient to get on and off . in addition , The higher suspension travel also implies the vehicle's good passing ability , The dense spoke rim shape is more inclined to create a sense of performance .

The design of the fixed spoiler seems to be similar to that of the hardline SUV Not in tune , But this is precisely the charm of cyberpunk style , The rear of the “ small bag ” It also adopts the same shape as the headlight group , The honeycomb treatment at the back enclosure is also very performance .

The atmosphere inside the car is very bright , The use of large-area chromium plating elements and white fabric wrapping show the grade , The central control panel and screen area are treated in black , Simple but not simple .

Two days before , tanks 300 The declaration drawing of cyber version was exposed , From the picture , The new car keeps high consistency with the official map , Through lamp set 、 The shape of the ceiling lamp and the front surround are reserved , In the middle of the net, tanks are added LOGO, It is also expected that .

The design at the rear of the car is also basically consistent with the official drawing , Fixed spoiler 、 Honeycomb back surround and plug-in “ small bag ” None of them were absent , The bright yellow embellishment echoes with the front of the car . According to declaration information , The new car long / wide / High respectively 4679/1967/1958mm.

The decorative lights at the front surround are only switched on under certain circumstances , At the front middle net LOGO There will also be slight differences according to the model . motivation , The new car is equipped with cash tanks 300 Same powertrain ,2.0T The maximum power of the engine 167kW(227Ps), Maximum torque 387N·m, Is expected to match 8AT transmission .

From the currently exposed declaration chart , tanks 300 The cyber version has a superior level of styling design , The blessing of cyberpunk style can definitely make the new car stand out , More information about the vehicle , We will continue to focus on .

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