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These car brain holes are too big! It can deform and plant flowers. Finally, this one can

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Just talk about Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Which of the three Audi companies is better , It's enough for fans to tear up in the comment area ……

But what if we just talk about concept cars ?

Mercedes VISION AVTR The painting style of concept car Mercedes Benz concept car is often like this : Science fiction elements integrate the unique luxury temperament of Mercedes Benz brand ,“ lustrous and dazzling ” Although the shape is not grounded , But handsome is really handsome .

BMW VISION M NEXT Concept cars BMW concept cars tend to like walking “ Modern retro style ”, The shape is very cyberpunk . Besides , for example i4、X7、8 Concept car , It can basically be regarded as the of mass production vehicles in the future “ Preview version first ”.

And on Audi's side , The painting style of the concept car is like this :

Compared with Mercedes Benz and BMW , The brain hole of Audi designers is simply not the biggest , Only bigger , The imagination is also more unrestrained .

In recent days, , Audi officially released its “sphere” The first concept car in the series —— audi Skysphere, That is, the model in the figure above .

The main thing is , Some cars, it's a concept car on the surface , But actually ……

It's a “ The transformers ”……

Skysphere Take the legendary classic model of Audi brand itself —— Hohsi 853 Convertible inspired , It follows its distinct sense of hierarchy and the proportion of the figure repaired .

The new car uses multiple single points LED Grid composed of light-emitting modules , Then match with the long and narrow on both sides LED Headlights , The visual effect is very cool .

Come to the back of the car , audi “ Lamp factory ” Play your skills again , Application of digital control LED The tail lights run across the rear of the car , Rich tail layers and a little visual sense of yacht .

however , You think Audi's brain hole is limited to “ Cool looking ” perhaps “ Pay homage to the classic ”?

The machine Skysphere A set of deformation mechanism is installed in the front engine room , So as to realize variable wheelbase .Sports In mode , The vehicle wheelbase will be shortened , Become the conductor 4.94 M's electric sports car . stay Grand Touring In mode , The body will become longer 5.19 m GT models ; Besides , Ground clearance of vehicle 、 Adaptive suspension damping will be adjusted accordingly .

In the car ,Sports Normal steering wheel driving mode , All vehicle control can be handed over to the driver ;Grand Touring In mode , Will turn on autopilot mode , The steering wheel and pedals can also be hidden .

But is Audi's brain hole just like this ?NONONO~

Actually , Audi has been focusing on building AI Series concept car , And the brain holes are big .

audi Aicon Concept car

First of all , It's published in 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Aicon Concept car , It showed Audi's idea of pure electric self driving vehicle at that time , For example, it adopts L5 Level of autopilot , The maximum range can reach 800km about .

Digital display system above the lamp group , Can display a variety of patterns . Actually, since then ,Aicon The concept car can be seen roughly , The shadow of Audi's mass production of pure electric vehicles in the future .

In the car , No steering wheel layout from today's perspective , It's already the normal operation of the concept car , But at that time, the brain hole was wide open , It represents the exploration of the demand for long-distance travel .

audi PB18 e-tron Concept car

After that , Audi launched what was once called “AI:RACE” Of PB18 e-tron Concept car , It shows Audi's vision for high-performance sports cars .

The shape of the whole vehicle is like walking out of the game , It 's very fierce . To optimize the aerodynamic layout , The front part adopts a large number of openings , The common closed design of pure electric vehicle is no longer adopted .

This concept sports car even uses a design language similar to hunting clothes , It can also incorporate a large retractable spoiler , Both practicality and performance .

At that time , Audi is actually right “ deformation ” With ideas ,PB18 e-tron The interior of the concept car can be slidably adjusted in single seat or two seat mode , And it is not equipped with any driving assistance configuration , Just for driving .

audi AI:ME

After that , Audi also brought one called AI:ME Concept car of , The design of this car is very similar to Audi's current mass-produced electric vehicles . It is more grounded in the positioning of the model , Born to explore the future of urban commuting .

In addition to following the previous design of digital matrix lamp group, this car , The biggest feature is to create “ Third, living space ”. The large screen in the car can support communication 、 Leisure, entertainment and even office , The steering wheel can also be stowed under the table in front of the driver , It's just a special car for migrant workers ……

however , audi AI:ME It also pioneered the use of real plants in cars , Through wood materials and flowers and plants to appease the hearts of migrant workers .

audi AI:Trail Quattro Concept car

After that , Audi seems to think the brain hole is not big enough , So it follows that AI:Trail Quattro Concept car , This is a real pure electric off-road vehicle .

Because there is no front engine compartment , The windscreen acts directly as the front of the car . There must be a little friend asking now , Where's the headlight ?

Because the effect of traditional headlight lighting in the field is not ideal ,“ Lamp factory ” This time, the light group is directly arranged on the UAV , It can take off and land directly from the roof , Not only provide lighting , It can also transmit captured images in real time .

In the car , Shaped like a flashlight “ Audi light source partner ”, It can not only provide interior lighting, but also remove it as a flashlight , It can also be equipped with fixing brackets , Provide bonfire lights 、 camera 、 Road information projection and other functions .

Audi doesn't even have a big screen , Just so that passengers can concentrate on the scenery . The rear seats in the car also adopt a novel hammock design , You can take it out at any time and tie it to a tree to act as a hammock .

stay AI:TRAIL quattro Behind the concept car , audi AI All members of the concept car family are here , For luxury 、 motion 、 Urban commuting and outdoor adventure give the answer respectively .

At the end

As mentioned at the beginning Skysphere, It's Audi's latest “sphere” The first model in the series of concept cars , After that, Audi will continue to dig the brain hole in the concept car , The second one “GRAND SPHERE” Will be in 9 It started at the Munich auto show in June ; The third one “URBAN SPHERE” The concept car will be 2022 Starting in .  I've seen so much , Which car do you like best ? What expectations do you have for the future car ? Chat in the comments section !

If the kids are interested in concept cars , Remember to point “ Looking at ” support , In the next issue, let's continue the offer , Look at the Mercedes 、 What are the brain opening concept cars under BMW !

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