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The price has been increased by 3 in case the car is hard to find! This Japanese SUV is now greatly upgraded, but you still can't buy it without increasing the price?

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6 month 25 Japan , GAC Toyota's new generation hanlanda was officially launched . According to the way of traditional car enterprises , As long as a car is announced on the market , The first batch of cars must have arrived at the store in advance for delivery .

After all , The new car is on the market, but there is no existing car , Late delivery , In the past, it was the plot of the new power brand ……

Until ……8 month 10 Japan , The new generation of Highlander just announced that it was officially offline from the factory ……

Emmm, As a medium-sized SUV Market carrying sub models , It took so long to get offline ? that , Is the new generation of hanlanda that has attracted much attention available now ? Let's go to the market and have a look .

Focus on ! Summary of the article :● Only through APP down payment , Earnest money 2 Ten thousand yuan is non refundable , Waiting for the bus 4 A month or more ;● No cash concessions and any official subsidies ;● The old model is on sale , End of year shutdown , No existing car , No preference 、 subsidy .

New car review

The new generation of Highlander is based on TNGA-K Platform to build , The appearance adopts the latest design language , Toyota LOGO Wrapped in flying wing chrome trim , The visual effect is more fierce .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4965/1930/1750mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, Compared with the previous generation models, it has been improved to a certain extent ,“ Soft with hard ” The side lines are more muscular .

interiors , The new car adopts a new design style , The central control LCD and control keys are integrated in one area , In addition, it also provides... On the noble edition and the supreme edition 12.3 Inch screen . In space , Except for the lowest model , Other configurations are available 7 A layout .

Dynamic part , New car carrying 2.5L Hybrid system . among 2.5L The maximum power of the engine is 192Ps(141kW), Peak torque is 238N·m, The transmission system is partially matched E-CVT transmission .

Motor , The two-wheel drive version is equipped with 134kW Motor , The 4WD version adds a 40kW Rear motor for , The comprehensive output power of the system is 249Ps(183kW).

It's hard to see a car , It's harder to buy a car

Since the new car just came off the line , Xiaobian came to a GAC Toyota in the east of Beijing with the worst plan 4S In the shop .

Sure enough , Not only are there no cars in this store , Not even the show car ……

I thought that the end of this visit , The sales brother hurried to say hello :“ take it easy , Although there is no car show in the store , But there are test drives , It should be a test drive , I'll be back in a minute .”

Xiaobian learned that , At present, the exhibition cars of various dealers are “ Exhibition Tour ” state , One store will be on display for a few days and will be taken to the next store .

As for whether to provide test drive , The status of each store is also different . The sales brother revealed , Dealers with more early orders , The more sales quotas , The earlier the test drive gets to the store .

Among the three dealers Xiao Bian visited , The exhibition and test drive are as follows :

From the results of the visit to Beijing , At present, the distribution of vehicles among dealers is not uniform , If the show car is pulled away , Some dealers without test drive cars , It is bound to cause car exhibition “ Vacuum period ”.

Dealers with test drives but no show cars , The experience is not convenient ( There are too many test drive customers ), Partners need to call the dealer in advance , Avoid running empty .

Besides , There is also good news and bad news .

The good news is , At present, hanlanda must be in “ Abundant clouds ”APP Make a decision , Earnest money 2 Ten thousand yuan ( Non refundable ), There is no need to increase the price of the whole series , And do not impose decoration costs , Of course, there are no preferential subsidies .

The sales brother said , 4WD noble edition is the configuration with the most orders , The color is black / Mainly white . The demand for elite and premium editions is relatively low , It is not ruled out that the elite version will face shutdown in the future .

After submitting the order , Relevant materials shall be submitted later 、 payment 、 A series of links such as delivery need the support of dealers . Therefore, you need to contact the local dealer first , Then place an order .

The bad news is ……

Due to the shortage of chips , The booking cycle of the fourth generation Highlander has reached 4 A month or more , If you order a car now , The estimated production date has been scheduled 12 month , Estimated next year 1 You can't pick up the car until next month .

at present , The first batch of new cars scheduled before listing have arrived at the store and started delivery . During the shop visit , We also came across a new car undergoing a delivery ceremony .

Besides , The monthly sales quota of each dealer is limited , It will be in APP End display , If the store is sold out in the current month , New orders can only be received next month .

So a small partner who has plans to buy a car , You need to contact the dealer in advance , Avoid delaying the car purchase plan .

The third generation of hanlanda

at present , The third generation hanlanda is also selling in the same hall . although “ old ”, But still can't stop the little friends from buying .

The sales brother said :“ There are still a lot of orders for the old hanlanda , Some people don't like mixing , Just like this imported 2.0T The engine , however 12 It stopped production in January .”

Of course , The third generation hanlanda doesn't have any preferential activities , And the same car is hard to find , The order has been booked to 11 month . Maybe , This is the dedication to the traditional internal combustion engine ……

During the shop visit , We also met a third-generation Highlander ready for delivery .

From the price increase in earlier years 3 Ten thousand yuan , Then as an old model, it can sell well without discount , The career of the third generation hanlanda is really quite “ Magic realism ”……

At the end

From the price increase of the third generation to the insufficient capacity of the fourth generation , Anyway, whether it's “ Spend more money ” still “ Spend more time ”, Hannanda is always in a difficult state .

No matter which Dealer , When you enter the store, you will find that hanlanda is always the one most concerned by consumers . As there is no shortage of orders , The attitude of most sales guys towards this car is also quite interesting , I won't follow customers to chase orders , Even suggest “ Can't wait to see something else ”……

At the product level , The landing of 4WD noble version has reached 36.8 Ten thousand yuan up and down , The threshold of kingpin models is not low , Already approaching luxury brands SUV It's my territory . Besides , Products of the same level as Volkswagen and Honda , It also generally has a certain preferential margin .

No preferential activities 、 The waiting period is long , Whether to choose the fourth generation hanlanda , You also need to consider according to your actual situation .

About the FAW Toyota Crown luffer that everyone is also concerned about , The new car will be put off until 8 month 28 Day listed , The dealer revealed that it is expected to 9 The bus arrives in the middle of the month .

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