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The new medium-sized SUV has just been launched! 10.3 + 12 inch double large screen, is ankovi under pressure?

2021-08-26 05:15:37 Car home

In the middle of the country SUV market , View of path L From configuration 、 It has obvious advantages in cost performance and word-of-mouth . In order to meet the needs of users , The car has just completed the mid-term modification . New Tiguan L There are obvious changes in appearance and interior design , Configuration has also improved a lot , I don't say much nonsense , Let's watch the car !

Shanghai Volkswagen - View of path L

New Tiguan L In terms of appearance design , It can definitely make people shine . The front is the most variable part , Adopt borderless front grille design , The grille is integrated with the headlamp groups on both sides . The front surround has a more dynamic design style , Further enhance the sense of fashion .

New Tiguan L Equipped with a IQ. Light LED Matrix headlights , The details of its internal structure are very exquisite , from 17 star LED The lamp beads are composed of , Excellent visual and use effects .

The length, width and height of the ordinary model are 4733/1839/1673mm,R-Line The length, width and height of this model are 4735/1859/1677mm, The wheelbase is 2791mm. Depending on the configuration , The rim provides 18 Inch /19 In two sizes , The rim style is relatively fashionable , In line with the current young people's aesthetic .

The rear part , New Tiguan L Equipped with a small roof spoiler , The tail lamp is of blackened design . The rear surround is decorated with through chrome trim , It is also equipped with a four outlet exhaust design on both sides , Enhance the fashionable and dynamic personality atmosphere .

The whole interior adopts the latest design style of the family , A through type air outlet design is adopted in front of the front passenger of the center console , The sense of science and technology creates a good atmosphere .

10.3 Inch full LCD instrument panel with three spoke multifunction steering wheel ,12 Inch central control display adopts suspended design , Internal use MOS 3.1 Smart car coupling system , Better interface logic , The supported application functions are also richer .10 The Harman Caton sound of the horn cooperates with the better quiet performance in the car , Bring more excellent audio-visual experience .

New Tiguan L The front seats are quite spacious , Imitation leather / Wrapped in leather , The cushion length is excellent , Strong support for legs . The medium configuration models are equipped with front seat heating , The top model also has seat ventilation and seat memory .

There is no reduction in the comfort of the second row seats , Low configuration models can adjust the backrest pitch , High and medium cars can be used for pitch and front and back adjustment , And adjustable angle / wide , At the same time, all models support rear seats 4/6 Scale down .

The top model also has a third row of seats , Comfort and space meet the needs of medium and short distance riding , The long-distance ride is slightly weak .

The rear compartment also has strong practical properties , The conventional volume is 495L, After the rear seats are put down, the space can be expanded into 1780L, And a relatively flat space can be formed after the seat is put down .

motivation , New Tiguan L Provide low power 2.0T、 high power 2.0T And based on 1.4T The plug-in mixing system of the engine , Which is low / high power 2.0T The maximum power of the engine is 186 Horsepower and 220 horsepower , Hybrid 1.4T The maximum engine power is 150 horsepower . Transmission in , The gasoline version matches 7 Double clutch gearbox ; The plug-in hybrid model matches 6 Double clutch gearbox .

New Tiguan L The most worth saying is IQ.DRIVE Intelligent driving assistance system , It contains ACC 3.0 Full speed range adaptive cruise control 、MKB Multiple collision prevention system 、Side Assist Lane change assist system 、PreCrash Heck Rear pre impact system 、TJA Traffic congestion assistance system, etc . in addition ,Travel Assist One touch intelligent driving assistance system , If you need to back up 、 Parking scene , There is front and rear parking radar 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 The reverse emergency stop and Auto Park functions are assisted , Novice drivers can also travel safely .

Young choice

If you think new Tiguan L If you don't have personality , You can pay attention to 2022 Concept of payment X models , Its appearance relies on the sliding back shape , In medium SUV In the market segment , The main sports style , The visual effect is more powerful .

2022 Concept of payment X The interior of the adopts a new design scheme , The suspended touch screen on the center console is very conspicuous . Because of the main sports style , The interior is mainly black , And use a large area of exquisite carbon fiber texture and chrome plated metal trim , Very visual impact .

2022 Concept of payment X Equipped with low power 2.0T And high power 2.0T The engine , The most powerful 186 Horsepower and 220 horsepower . Transmission in , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

At the end

New Tiguan L It has younger modeling design and more comprehensive safety configuration , Great changes have been made in appearance and interior upholstery , Make the product more suitable for young consumers , As a medium-sized enterprise with high sales volume SUV models , It has always had a good sales performance .

New Tiguan L/2022 Concept of payment X Listing completed , Among them, the new Tiguan L Price range of 21.58-28.18 Ten thousand yuan ; New Tiguan L PHEV Price range of 25.78-26.88 Ten thousand yuan ;2022 Concept of payment X Price range of 24.19-29.39 Ten thousand yuan , Interested friends might as well pay attention to .

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