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Reversing image + 10.25 inch dual screen, this luxury car can be bought for more than 200000!

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Imported Mercedes Benz A The first level is hatchback , I've seen many “L” edition , This one doesn't have “ Tailored ” The original imported models are very precious . aesthetic , Adopt Mercedes Benz family design , Large air intake grille with raised headlights on the left and right , It looks very dynamic . The size of the compact car and the appearance of the hatchback make it look exquisite .

Mercedes ( import )- Mercedes A level ( import )

Except that the entry-level model is illuminated by halogen light source , Other models adopt LED Light source lighting . Inside the lamp group “L” The daytime running lights are very sharp , The effect is outstanding after lighting . In addition, all models are also equipped with functions such as automatic headlamp and headlamp delay off .

Sharp and complex waistline design is adopted on the side of the body , At the same time, the lines above the wheel arch create rich light and shadow effects on the body surface . The rear line extends from the roof structure to the triangular tail lamp, and then the lower edge to the edge of the rear compartment lid and bumper , The whole looks round and fashionable , And this line design is also conducive to reducing wind resistance . The two side exhaust design gives the whole vehicle a little more fighting breath . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4419/1796/1432mm, The wheelbase is 2729mm.

The interior part maintains the consistent luxury style of Mercedes Benz brand , Dual screen design integrates luxury and technology , This design is more popular with young people who pursue a sense of science and Technology .10.25 Inch touch LCD screen is standard for the whole system , built-in MBUX Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Good reaction fluency , It also supports two operation modes of touch pad and touch screen . All models support road rescue calls 、 bluetooth / Car phone 、 Voice recognition control and other functions . except A200 Fashion exterior , Other models also support CarLife And CarPlay Mobile phone connection .

The multi-functional steering wheel adopts three spoke design , The diameter of the disc is slightly larger , Both sides of the functional control area are decorated with bright piano paint , The rear is also equipped with shift paddles ; All models are wrapped with leather materials , The grip and the fineness of the cortex are good . The size of the full LCD instrument panel is 10.25 Inch , There are many different styles of display modes to choose from , Not only the picture quality is exquisite , After lighting, there are good visual effects and rich functional displays .

The seat in , All models are made of leather / Fabric mix and match material coverage , The internal filler is moderately soft and hard , High ride comfort , And the high configuration model also has the front seat electric adjustment and memory function . The rear seats are moderately soft , Good support for the body , But the middle seat is hard , The platform height is not optimistic , Only suitable for short distance and short time . The overall performance of the rear compartment is regular , After the rear seats are put down, a basically flat space can be formed , Good performance in practicability .

motivation , Provide 1.3T High and low power engine , And have met the requirements of VI Emission standards .1.3T The maximum power of the low power engine is 136 horsepower , The maximum torque is 200N·m;1.3T The maximum power of high power engine is 163 horsepower , The maximum torque is 250N·m, What matches with it are 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

Recommended models :2021 paragraph A 200 Sporty

As an entry-level product of a luxury brand , Mercedes A The primary foundation configuration is relatively complete , Space Meets daily needs , Enough for daily commuting in the city . If you want to buy a personalized 、 High profile brand 、 A fashionable car , And the budget is relatively limited , So it's a good choice .

Quite recommended in the car line A200 Sporty , Compared with the entry-level model, it increases LED headlight 、 Adaptive high and low beam 、 Panoramic skylight can be opened , It also provides a very basic and practical configuration such as reversing image , Good value for money , More recommended . According to the real owner price of car home , At present, the terminal has 2.7 About ten thousand yuan , If you are interested, you may as well pay attention to .

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