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"Hanlanda" with a length of more than 5 meters? Hasty!

2021-08-26 05:15:51 Car home

FAW Toyota's new medium-sized SUV Crown Lufang has announced the pre-sale price range 28.0-37.0 Ten thousand yuan , Whether from a completely consistent pre price range 、 From the perspective of product positioning or overall modeling, people can't help but think of hanlanda, a brother model that has been fighting in the market for many years . So for 7 seat SUV“ overlord ” For hannanda , What changes can the emergence of crown Lufang bring ? Who is more worthy to start with ?

Faw Toyota - Crown Lu Fang

Hanlanda dominates medium-sized enterprises all year round SUV The phenomenon of the market is not that its own products have been impeccable , It just shows that its product power is relatively balanced at this stage , For some users who just need it , Hannanda is a choice that has to be started , The appearance of crown Lufang is likely to break this situation .

First, a more sporty appearance can get rid of people's desire for large size SUV Greasy impression , Secondly, this kind of medium-sized SUV The consumer group is the generation that has feelings for the crown , The appearance of crown Lu Fang easily resonates with them , In this way, crown Lufang and Highlander will attract consumers to pay for their feelings and practicability on the premise of little price difference .

At the end : expect 8 month 28 Crown Lufang was officially listed on the stock market on August 1 , Do you think its pricing will be consistent with the pre-sale price or lower ? If you choose between Highlander and crown land , Which model would you prefer ? Welcome to interact with us in the comments area ~

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