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With it, Prado doesn't smell good in an instant!

2021-08-26 05:16:00 Car home

Let's start with a question

Who is Prado's sister car ?

It has not been officially introduced into the Chinese market

But in parallel imported models

You must have heard of such a name

Superba , It's a little more than overbearing

Real name 4Runner, It is a model for the North American market

It's on the same platform as Prado , But it looks more fierce

Today this one is even more TRD PRO

It can be understood as the official enhanced version

TRD PRO Series models

To commemorate Toyota's achievements

Won the Americas Baja 500

as well as 1000 The champion of the group

But it's not over , The owner also added a three inch lifting Kit

Fang Fangzheng's appearance is destined to be a hardline SUV

Whether it's the chassis structure 、 powertrain

Just like Prado

Halogen light source side marker lamp can be said to be very beautiful

The small yellow lights of China open mostly appear on trucks or pickups

I believe you understand the positioning of this design

For greater approach and departure angles

The owner modified BP offroad The front bar

The huge red trailer hitch is a bonus

The benefits of refitting the front bar of an off-road vehicle

First of all, most of the original factories are made of plastic

In extreme off-road conditions ( Flying slope Sand flushing climbing )

It's easy to drag the bottom , Not strong enough

Secondly, for the overall beauty

The height of the original bar is not enough

It's too delicate for cross-country enthusiasts

BP offroad This company

First to refit super sports cars and off-road vehicles 、 Racing oriented

After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and sustainable development

From mold design and manufacturing

Full product capability from parts processing to assembly inspection

Nii The back bar is also very strong

Solid metal bars are not for fun

The holes on the rear bar are not decorative

Convenient for later installation of various “ Accessories ”

After all, this is , The more tools you bring, the less you panic

The elevated part is the focus

3 The rise in inches is no exaggeration

But it can improve the trafficability

Kit from King, It's a star product

The rim comes from Methodrace,17 Inch

matching 285/70 R17 Our Broadway KO2 tire

motivation , Still carry 4.0L V6 The engine

The most powerful 273 horsepower , Peak torque 377 cattle · rice

Drive system part , matching 5 Speed automatic transmission

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