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The most low-key plus model is the Buddhist medium-sized SUV of SINOTRUK

2021-08-26 05:33:06 Oriental Information automobile

I've never seen anything like this , The first paragraph SUV models VGV U70 Spit a bubble and sink to the bottom , Then I followed the trend and pushed VGV U75PLUS, It's been on the market for more than a month , There was no sound at all , Taifo Department . So much so that I doubt ,U75PLUS What is this ? If you want to buy such a car , Where can I buy it ?

It's not a model instigated by famous farmers and Entrepreneurs , No strength, no background ,VGV The prefix is sinotruk , Big Mac in China's auto industry , Although it is in a precarious position in the field of passenger cars , But the strength behind it can't be underestimated , You can see from the configuration of this car .

VGV U75PLUS Pick up the 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The transmission uses 8AT, This combination is made in China SUV in , It's a luxury configuration , Star tank 300 It's also 2.0T+8AT, Moreover, the book data of the two vehicles are almost the same .

VGV U75PLUS The maximum output power is 165kW, The peak torque is 385N·m, tanks 300 The corresponding is 167kW and 387N·m, Who is stronger and who is weaker , Not really. .

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