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After the vehicle is on fire, the safety hammer should hit this position of the glass

2021-08-26 05:33:08 Oriental Information automobile

The safety hammer needs to strike around the glass , That is, the position of the four corners . For automotive glass , The most vulnerable position is the four corners of the glass . Some people think they should hit the center of the glass , But in fact, the center happens to be the thickest position , It's also the hardest to break . Therefore, when using the safety hammer, remember to knock around the glass , This can break the glass faster , You can also escape from burning vehicles faster .

In fact, whether in a fire environment or when falling into the water , Time is very important , We need to get out of trouble as soon as possible , At this time, it is more necessary to master better ways to get out of difficulties . Safety hammer is a necessary tool for getting out of trouble , If not, you can use the head restraint of the seat , It also reminds us that we should practice how to use head restraint and safety hammer , Only in this way can we help ourselves at the critical moment , So as to escape the scene of the accident faster .

The construction of the safety hammer has a very sharp part , We use this tip to knock on the glass , So that the glass can fall off smoothly , We can get out of danger smoothly . Obviously, if the striking part is not accurate at this time , It's hard to break with all your strength , This will lead to passivity . From the glass structure of the car , The middle position is the thickest , And around it is the thinnest , Without a safety hammer , It's almost impossible to get out of trouble if you want to kick the glass directly . This is because the glass in the middle is very thick , And the glass around is thin and uncomfortable .

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