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Project leading, speed up

2021-08-26 05:38:01 Oriental Information automobile

Grasping the project is grasping the opportunity 、

Steady growth 、 Looking for the future

At present

Wuhan is insisting

While weaving and strengthening the safety net for epidemic prevention and control

“ Take an umbrella on a sunny day ”“ Umbrella shelter ”

“ Work with an umbrella ”“ Umbrella repair and reinforcement ”

Adhere to the guidance of major project construction

Cultivate new growth points for high-quality development

Efforts should be made to ensure that prevention and control are not lax

The epidemic does not rebound 、 Development doesn't stop

Wuhan intelligent Internet connected vehicle test site will be completed within this year

Promote the rapid rise of the innovation corridor of car Valley Industry

Wuhan intelligent networked automobile test field project is one of the important projects of Wuhan National Intelligent networked automobile base , When the project is completed , Will further promote “ to open up + closed + Simulation ” Trinity intelligent networked vehicle test system , And accelerate the formation of intelligent networked vehicles and automatic driving innovation system .

Such a major project is undoubtedly the thick planting of Wuhan Economic Development Zone “ new ” A key move of kinetic energy . at present , The main works of the test site have been washed out “ Horizon ”—— Synchronous construction of ten test areas , Raft 、 Foamed lightweight soil 、 Bearing platform pier column 、 Lime soil paving 、 Curtain wall and interior decoration were carried out in a tense and orderly manner .1000 A number of workers ‌‌ branch 3 class , Good morning! 、 in 、 Late peak staggering construction .

Project owner 、 Executive deputy general manager of Wuhan Zhongjian Wudi development and Construction Co., Ltd Xu Bing : Our ten functional test areas have been basically completed so far , The office building where you are now , It is the command center for the construction of the whole test site ,‌‌ It is also an exhibition center in the future , It has been basically completed , It can be delivered for use in nearly a month , Entire test site ‌‌ It is expected by the end of this year ‌‌ The basic construction .

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