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These five MPVS are recognized as the strongest! Korean science fiction, Japanese space, no GL8?

2021-08-26 05:42:42 Snail chezhi

What model can reflect a country's economic development and national consumption ability ?MPV Definitely one of them , Because in most cases , Cars and SUV Undertake the important task of the only means of transportation , Take into account more usage scenarios , And family focused MPV It can reflect the higher living standard of a family .

So MPV And cars 、SUV Our positioning is completely different , It has a particularly popular style in every country and region , It's recognized as the most popular in the world MPV Which ones are they ? Just not long ago , The United States 《 Car magazine 》 released 2020 The five most popular household products in MPV, Let's take a look now !

modern Staria( Hui Yi )

There is one saying. , Koreans really have ideas about car design , For example, this modern Staria, The front of the car adopts an extremely round and simple design , No edges and corners , Like the front of a high-speed railway , And the car still adopts split headlights , The top is through LED Driving light belt , Below is the square matrix LED Headlamp unit , With the same square large-size air inlet grille , Make the whole car look science fiction , Some people even think it's a concept car .

To the side , Smooth and round design with large window area , It still looks like a high-speed rail car , The advantage of the smooth side design is that the interior space does not need to be squeezed by the shape design , At the same time, increase the proportion of side windows , Let the car have a brighter and wider view .

Staria The length, width and height are respectively 5253/1997/1990mm, Wheelbase reached 3273mm, This size is not empty at all GL8, The interior seats are classic 2+2+3 Of 7 A layout , And the middle two seats are equipped with super long leg supports 、 Head restraint flanks , The luxury level is comparable to the first class of high-speed rail .

motivation , Overseas version of Staria With one 3.5L V6 Naturally aspirated engine , Have 240 Horsepower and 320 Newton torque , And match 8AT transmission , This data is for a MPV It's very good for , And the large displacement self-priming engine can also bring good ride .

In addition to being popular in the Korean market , It is also currently opening reservations in the German market , The starting price in the overseas market is 56150 euro ( Renminbi equivalent 43 Ten thousand yuan ). There is one saying. , This price is not cheap , But it brings freshness from inside to outside , And the practicality of space , It doesn't lose the millions of ELFA in China .

Toyota Sienna( Senna )

Domestic Toyota Sienna It's finally coming , Not long ago, Toyota also announced the Chinese name of the car — Senna , Have to say , The name has a way , This is because this is a medium and large-scale machine specially designed for the North American market SUV, Not only is the space spacious , Also provide 2+2+3 The space layout , The second row seats are equipped with independent armrests and leg supports , It also supports forward and backward sliding , Flexible space layout . Besides , The center console also adopts hollow design , The storage space is very rich , At most 18 A cupholder , Baby bottles can be placed everywhere , The proper thing is Dad's storage artifact .

And the new car doesn't look like a full-time driver for dads , It is also much richer in appearance than the overall line outline of the previous generation , The new big mouth front grille is very aggressive , A little Camry , The headlights on both sides are sharp ,LED Light source is also the basic operation , And the concave convex side lines , With a full 20 Inch wheel hub , It also looks very expensive .

Besides , Because the new car is based on TNGA-K Platform to build , It carries 2.5L THS II The new fourth generation Toyota Hybrid System , The comprehensive maximum power of the system is expected to be 183kW, The minimum fuel consumption may reach 5.89L. The new car comes standard with Toyota TSS 2.0 System , Reduce driving fatigue to a certain extent , It also improves driving safety . In general , The domestic new Senna is not only one lap larger than Honda Odyssey in size , More household settings than GL8 This kind of business oriented models are more popular , So it's still very popular in daddy's circle .

Honda Odyssey

The same Odyssey , This car is different from the Odyssey we usually see in China , It and the above Sienna It is also a model specially built for the U.S. market , It's also known as “ The American ” The Odyssey .

The obvious thing is , In order to take care of the space needs of the big old Americans , The size of American models will be much larger than that of domestic models , The length, width and height are respectively 5161mm/1994mm/1738mm, exceed 5 The body length of meters and the body width of nearly two meters are in an absolute advantage in the same level .

In addition to the large space , It also inherited Honda “ Space magic ” Excellent space utilization , The most popular in the American market is 2+3+3 Of 8 A layout , Each seat is allocated the best space , No matter where in the car , Passengers can stretch their seats , Moreover, the second row seats can be easily converted into independent seats by lifting the middle part , Flexible space layout .

Besides , The power of this car is also very “ Lao Mei ”, With one 3.5L V6 VTEC Variable cylinder engine , Maximum horsepower 280 horse , Peak torque 355 cattle · rice , powerful . And it's driving 、 Ride comfort and quietness are also excellent , There is no domestic version of Odyssey has been criticized 、 The problem of chassis texture .

Kia realm

This is the fourth generation of Jiahua , be based on i-GMP Platform to build , Compared with the second generation of Jiahua that entered China before , The new car can be said to be a new look , The appearance has both MPV The sense of dignity is , The interior is luxurious enough , And this new car also appeared on the stage in recent auto shows , It has also been widely praised by consumers .

The length, width and height of this car are 5155/1995/1740 mm , The wheelbase is 3090 mm , Such dimensional parameters are at the same level MPV It is also rare in the market , It's a platform “ The big MAC ” 了 , But it doesn't feel bloated at all , Horizontal and vertical style , Plus high ground clearance and roof rack , There are even shares SUV The smell of .

Besides , New car offers 2+2+3 as well as 2+3+3 Two seat layouts , The latter can support the second row of seats to flip , Meet the needs of business negotiation . And the suspension of the new car will use the front McPherson independent suspension + Rear multi-link independent suspension , According to the performance of Korean cars in the last year , The ride comfort of the new car 、 Stability will have a good performance .

Recently, there is a rumor that , The starting price of the domestic version of xinjiahua will be in 22 All s , Will take Buick GL8、 Honda Odyssey 、 Honda Allison and other joint ventures MPV As a competitive model , This price is for competitive products , Its competitiveness is still very good .

Citroen Grand C4 Space Tourer

Speaking of Citroen MPV, Maybe many people feel strange , In fact, it used to be C4 PICASSO The title of has been introduced into domestic sales for some time , However, due to the brand influence and the factors of imported cars , Now it has also withdrawn from the domestic market .

Although it is at home “ The water ”, But it has the longest sales time of Citroen brand 、 One of the most stable models , Maybe some people say it's not big enough , Even it lacks MPV Necessary rear sliding door , But people wear everything , Of course, all cars are loved , Its unique design style is really MPV It's unique in China , Let it have many loyal fans .

And in terms of space utilization , Has always been good at making MPV Citroen is not a fuel-efficient lamp , You can see, including under the center console 、 Armrest in front seat ( Removable storage box ) Small storage spaces are planned under the floor and the second row , It is convenient for a family to store small things when traveling .

Besides , This car also uses a unique 2+3+2 Of 7 A layout , It's similar to the present 7 seat SUV, But it's second 2 Each row of seats is 3 Separate seats , You can slide back and forth , The seat back angle can also be adjusted slightly , Flexible space layout , And comfortable to ride , It is a very ideal home MPV.

OK ! That's it this time , That's America 《 Car magazine 》 released 2020 The five most popular household products in MPV, And speaking of the most popular in our country MPV, That should be Buick GL8 了 , With its atmospheric appearance and fashionable and durable front face modeling , And excellent ride quality , Always at this level “ The ceiling ” Like being , As for why it didn't make the list this time , Just leave your audience grandpa to comment .

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