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Real beam + 4WD! 3 buried hard nosed SUVs, capable of off-road and home use

2021-08-26 05:42:48 Snail chezhi

Speaking of hardliners SUV, Your first reaction must be Toyota Prado 、“ Sm ” Pajero 、 Mercedes Benz big G、Jeep Horse herders, etc , These models , Or have left us , Or it's too expensive. The wallet doesn't allow .

Actually , On the market , There are still many hardliners with excellent strength but low profile SUV, They not only allow you to go wild on unpaved roads , Can also act as a city SUV As a family car .

Today I'd like to recommend three models with average sales , But the hardliners with good product power SUV, These car owners come to fight for these cars call Do you ?

Nissan Tuda

The guided :16.98 ten thousand -24.83 Ten thousand yuan

2021 year 1-6 In sales :8035 car

From the sales volume, we can also find , Nissan Tuda is a medium-sized joint venture that is not very popular SUV. however , I don't think we can look at Tuda from the perspective of a best-selling family car , Its positioning doomed its niche , But it doesn't mean that its product power is not good .

As a hard pie SUV, The appearance of Tuda is quite domineering, side leakage , I don't lose, Prado . From an off-road perspective , Tuda's advantages have been tested . Non load bearing body is one of its major features , Pass some bad road tests , The trafficability of this car is quite strong , Especially its 4WD , What diagonal slip , What a bumpy road , It's not difficult at all . Of course , Most people may make complaints about their rear wheel brake .

motivation , It carries 2.5L Self priming engine ,193 horsepower /245Nm, The actual acceleration ability can only be said to be average . But this car has low gear , The torque output can be amplified , Suitable for climbing or some relatively extreme roads . The empty position of the steering wheel is also larger than that of the city SUV, Really turn around , Flexibility is certain that Nissan Qijun is a city mainly running on roads SUV Of .

In space , The body circumference of Tuda is 4882x1850x1835mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, Horizontal space and vertical space are relatively front in the same level , The actual performance is even better than Tiguan L Still better . therefore , As a household, it is also a bright spot .

in general , Tuda is suitable for those who want to play cross-country and have a small budget , At the same time, people who want this car to be practical .

The harvard H9

The guided :20.98 ten thousand -36.88 Ten thousand yuan

2021 year 1-6 In sales :9710 car

After Prado withdrew from the Chinese market , The harvard H9 It can be regarded as its best flat replacement .20 At a price of more than 10000 yuan , It is very cost-effective among many hardline off-road vehicles . And its off-road performance , Really not empty land patrol , For example, it uses a non load-bearing body , Equipped with three locks +“ The tank turned around ”,COO Low speed off-road cruise system, etc , It has brought a very solid passing ability to this car , The rear of the “ small bag ” It also adds the sense of ceremony that the old cross-country gun wants . carrying 224 horsepower 2.0T High power engine +8AT transmission , Although ride comfort can't be compared with Prado 3.5L To compare , But acceleration is more direct . High fuel consumption , There's nothing to say .

The appearance is rough and tough , The interior is modern enough ,NVH And comfort are well done . There are a lot of sound-absorbing materials in the car , The noise is also well suppressed when running at high speed , The seats are soft . In space , It has five and seven seats , But the size is the same , conductor 4856mm, The wheelbase 2800mm, It's OK to cross your legs , The third row can only be used in emergency . These aspects , Makes Harvard H9 Not only in the wild , You can also shuttle freely on urban roads .

On the whole , In the owner's word of mouth , The harvard H9 There are few negative comments , Basically satisfied . Speak true , Everyone in China says Prado is off-road SUV The benchmark of , But , It's only a price in Japan 20 Within ten thousand SUV, We must recognize its brand premium and past quality reputation , But in terms of positioning , Also with Harvard H9 It's close , Why must it be better than domestic Harvard H9 Better? ?

A new generation of Harvard has been exposed H9

Ford sharp PLUS

The guided :22.98-30.98 Ten thousand yuan

2021 year 1-6 In sales :11937 car

Toyota really has means in China , Both are off-road SUV, Prado's position is hard to shake ; Both medium SUV, Sales in the first half of the year , Hannanda sold a total of 45662 car ; And once strong enough to break the wrist with hannanda PLUS, only 1 All s .

Coincidentally , At the beginning of the year, I also tested its medium-term modified model . The acceleration performance of American cars has always been talked about , edge PLUS carrying 245 horsepower /390 Nm peak torque 2.0T The engine , matching 8AT transmission , At 80km/h Depress the accelerator when , Can shift gears in an instant , We will arrive soon 120km/h, Speed up and overtake are relatively light .

It is also equipped with timely 4WD mode , Chassis tuning has always been Ford's strength . On the mountain road with continuous bends , Roll is not obvious ; When crossing a bumpy road , The chassis is solid , The body can control the aftershock within an acceptable range . Besides , edge PLUS The approach angle is 20 degree , Departure angle 23 degree , The minimum ground clearance is 211mm, Not with real off-road SUV Debbie , But it's OK to deal with some light off-road sections .

Its body size is 4878/1925/1770mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, The interior is quite spacious .7 The third row seats of the seat version are also equipped with power folding and restoring functions , It's convenient to load large luggage when traveling .

From the hedging rate 、 Quality reputation 、 In terms of maintenance costs , Hannanda is still “ mobile ”, But it has to wait for the bus , The power is also more Buddhist . Instead, the sharp world PLUS, At home , Can cope with more ambitions in your life .

At the end

Today's three SUV, The advantages and disadvantages are very clear , It mainly depends on your car demand . If it's you , Which one would you choose ? Leave a message to discuss !

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