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Domestic Kia Jiahua configuration exposure! Take 2.0T + 8at, the space is larger than GL8, or 220000?

2021-08-26 05:42:56 Snail chezhi

Speaking of the Korean system MPV Maybe you are a little strange , In fact as early as 2004 year , Kia once introduced a benchmarking Buick GL8 Of MPV— Ka Wah , At that time, with the imported quality , It's selling very well . Unfortunately, with Kia's strategic adjustment , There's no back, and then .

But now at home MPV The market is hot , Kia quickly invited back the fourth generation Jiahua . New car based i-GMP Platform to build , The interior and exterior design has taken on a new look , The appearance has both MPV The sense of dignity is , The interior is luxurious enough , And this new car also appeared on the stage in recent auto shows , It has also been widely praised by consumers . So many times back and forth , It's time to show everyone the specific configuration information .

In recent days, , Some media obtained the new Jiahua configuration information from Dongfeng Kia dealers , The appearance of domestic Jiahua adopts dot matrix design in addition to the air inlet grille , The rest is basically consistent with the external version , In terms of size , The width and wheelbase of the new car exceed that of Buick GL8, And it comes standard 2.0T+8AT Power mix . It is reported that , New car will be 8 month 29 Pre sale officially opened on .

The first is the configuration that we are most concerned about , The new car is equipped with bilateral electric side sliding doors , The third row seats are equipped with sinking and folding function as standard , Greatly improve the flexibility of the interior space , In terms of intelligent configuration , The new car is also equipped with Bluetooth key , Remote start vehicle 、 Smart Internet features 、 Baidu intelligent Internet system 、 Front anti-collision assistance 、 Panoramic image and other functions .

Besides , The new car also offers eco、sport、comfort、customer、smart common 5 Driving mode selection , Although Xiaobian doesn't understand why MPV You have to use sport Pattern , But it might also satisfy the dads “ Driver ” Your dream .

aesthetic , Changed the brand-new of Kia brand LOGO It also looks younger , and “ Tiger roaring front face ” Equipped with flat and long headlights , It looks good , The daytime running lights are also properly connected to the middle grid , Very delicate , Design with hard lines , The whole car is particularly strong .

The body side , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5155/1995/1740 mm , The wheelbase is 3090 mm , Such dimensional parameters are at the same level MPV It is also rare in the market , It can fully meet the space needs of the whole family , It's a platform “ The big MAC ” 了 . It also provides a multi seat layout , Even at most 11 A layout , It's all a minibus , Such convenience is also Buick GL8 Incomparable .

But as a MPV But I don't feel bloated at all , Horizontal and vertical style ,A/B/C/D The column position is treated in black , Create the feeling of a suspended roof , Plus high ground clearance and roof rack , There are even shares SUV The smell of .

The rear of the vehicle , A new through type LED Rear tail lamp design , Kiah's LGOO After lighting on the lamp group, it has a very good sense of recognition and hierarchy , Like the front, the rear surround is decorated with exquisite chrome plating , The overall sense of hierarchy is very good

The interior of the new car also adopts the same model as Kaiku 12.3 Inch LCD panel , Technology is exciting , classical “T” The font central control layout is also very generous . New car offers 2+2+3 as well as 2+3+3 Two seat layouts , The latter can support the second row of seats to flip , Meet the needs of business negotiation . Besides , The suspension of the new car will adopt the front McPherson independent suspension + Rear multi-link independent suspension , According to the performance of Korean cars in the last year , The ride comfort of the new car 、 Stability will have a good performance .

As for the price , According to the grapevine , At present, the starting price of new cars will be in 22 All s , Will take Buick GL8、 Honda Odyssey 、 Honda Allison and other joint ventures MPV As a competitive model , This price is for competitive products , It can be said that it is very competitive .

But then again , The price of the new car has not been officially announced yet , We'll still have the official information , We also look forward to Kia's surprise to the dads .

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