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"Overbearing" also plays hybrid. Is the new Toyota Prado ready to raise the price to collect the car?

2021-08-26 05:42:59 Snail chezhi

There will be a way to get there , There is no road without a Toyota . In the video some time ago, I introduced a new generation of Rand cooluze , Today we won't talk about “ Land patrol ” Say its brother “ bullying ”. The new Prado is “ bullying ”, According to the prediction of overseas media , The probability will be released next summer , It is expected to use a new code LC250( The numbers are still very interesting to read ).

Although there is no specific official news , But the new car is expected to look like big brother “ Land patrol ” Use the same TNGA-F platform , Toyota TNGA-F The platform is specially developed for off-road vehicles and pickups , Adopt non bearing layout , Optimization of structure and use of new materials , The chassis mass is reduced by about 200kg, And the strength of the chassis can also be increased 20% about , The steering system and suspension structure will also be adjusted , Make driving stability and riding comfort better .

The appearance of the new car has not changed much , It is still the feeling of the tough guy we are familiar with , You can recognize it at a glance Land Cruiser. There are different opinions on the appearance of the new Prado on the Internet , I think the reason why many people choose Prado , Because of its tiger appearance and the sound of silicone oil fan when ignition , It really fits “ Coal boss ”,“ Earth boss ”,“ Engineering brother ” The temperament of . I am very supportive of this strategy of responding to changes with constancy , Whenever it gets younger , It's becoming fashionable , I don't agree !

In terms of power system, the new Prado has a high probability of carrying a hybrid system , Foreign media reported that the new car is expected to carry 2.5L,2.7L perhaps 2.4T The engine + Electric motor hybrid system , If the plug-in hybrid technology is adopted, the power of the new car must be better than that of the previous Prado 2700 It's a lot stronger . The new car is expected to have a diesel version , One possibility is 2.8T Diesel engine , The most powerful 150kW, Peak torque 500N·m, collocation 6AT transmission , Another possibility is 3.3T V6 Dual turbocharged diesel engine , The most powerful 227kW, Peak torque 700N·m, collocation 10AT transmission . If 3.3T Diesel engines can be introduced into China , In terms of power, compared with the previous 3.5L V6 The gasoline engine , Double the torque directly , The power has also been greatly improved , But this probability is just an if .

“ bullying ” It has always been FAW Toyota 4S The pillar in the middle of the store , Last year 6 month 23 After the last Prado on the 1st went offline , Prado's used car markets everywhere and 4S There has been a big increase in store prices ,3.5L V6 The price of the version was about... When the inventory was cleared 60 Ten thousand yuan or so , It can be seen that everyone is interested in “ bullying ” The love of . If the new Prado is introduced into China, the price is certainly not low , And the price will definitely increase. Why do you say so ?

First of all : Increasingly stringent emission regulations , According to the interval between each generation of Prado , This generation Prado has a high probability of being the last version of the internal combustion engine .

second : Prado has a very large user base and fans in China , Just because “ bullying ” Most big brothers of this name will be blind .

Third : Prado is more than just a car , It's the boss's “ Charge off ” tool , One side has face when the car is driving , On the other side “ Bank note ” use , A proper hard currency , It's not like some models are cashing in “ Charge off ” It annoys the boss very much .

Last , Your changes to this car , What's your opinion , How much will you consider the price after it is introduced into China ? Welcome to leave a message below the comment area .

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