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About RMB 381000, Cadillac lyriq will be pre sold in September! Who do you choose between it and model y

2021-08-26 05:43:02 Snail chezhi

recently , We learned from General Motors , Cadillac LYRIQ Will be in 2021 year 9 month 18 Japan ( North American time ) Open reservation . In the previously published information , The American market LYRIQ The selling price is $58,795, Equivalent to about RMB 38.1 Ten thousand yuan . It is worth noting that , This price is the base price , And does not include U.S. state tax rates .

Cadillac LYRIQ It is its first mass-produced electric vehicle , It is positioned as a pure electric medium-sized vehicle SUV. This year, 4 At the Shanghai auto show in May ,LYRIQ Made its global debut . As a universal Ultium The first model born under the platform ,LYRIQ A new design language is adopted in the appearance of . Its front face has a shield style closed grille , And into the radial LED Lamp with , It doesn't look abrupt and has a sense of future .

The slim side shape of the body makes LYRIQ It looks like a station wagon , The tail is designed with a sliding back . It is also equipped with a concealed door handle , Not only more scientific , Also let the car further reduce the wind resistance during driving . Besides , The new car uses 20 Inch multi spoke rim .

The rear of the new car adopts segmented tail lights , Echo with the headlights , It must be charming when it lights up at night . There is a black spoiler below .

Body interior , With a new car 33 Inch curved screen , This obviously takes care of the future “ screen ” trend , A large number of touch buttons are also equipped under the air outlet of the air conditioner . configuration , It is equipped with the latest enhanced Super Cruise Intelligent driving system , Can achieve L2 Autopilot assistance above level .

In the back , It also provides three screens , The audio system is AKG Hi fi .

motivation , Cadillac LYRIQ It will be equipped with rear axle motor drive , Maximum power is 255kW. meanwhile , It will also match GM's latest Ultium Battery system , The range can exceed 300 miles (483 km ), stay 190 KW DC fast charging function , Vehicle charging 10 About... Can be provided in minutes 76 miles (122 km ) Range of .

At the end

At present, the luxury pure electric medium-sized car on the market SUV There is not much , Cadillac LYRIQ The real competitor may be his hometown -- tesla Model Y, In terms of performance and sense of Technology ,LYRIQ It seems to be true , What's your strength , We still have to wait for the new car to appear .

It is worth mentioning that , Cadillac in the future LYRIQ It will be introduced to China for sales . In terms of price, can the selling price in the United States be used as a reference ? The manufacturer's reply to snail chezhi is : The competitive environment between China and the United States in the electric vehicle market 、 There are some differences in target consumers and model positioning , The starting price in the United States is for the mass production version in China LYRIQ The reference of sales price is of little significance . follow-up , SAIC GM Cadillac brand will fully consider the needs of Chinese consumers , Formulate reasonable model configuration and price .

therefore , We can look forward to , This deluxe pure electric medium-sized SUV Appear in front of us with the look and price that the Chinese like .

The last question is , If you think it's made in China , Cadillac LYRIQ How much will you buy for it ? Leave a message to discuss !

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