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Lexus is in the limelight, and ES is addicted to price increase. Why is it out of order when it comes to LS?

2021-08-26 05:43:06 Snail chezhi

lately , lexus ES Ushered in the new launch , Although not a replacement model , But the attention in the market is not low .29.49 Starting price of 10000 yuan , Compared with the current model , There is a small increase . however , In the eyes of many people , Even so , And when the terminal is likely to continue to increase the price , New Lexus ES There is still no shortage of users to buy .

That's true , lexus ES Raising prices in the market is no secret . According to xiaobian , On the one hand, it's because , The product strength of this model is really excellent , On the other hand, it is also related to the brand image of Lexus . as everyone knows , Lexus is gaining momentum in the Chinese market , In the first half of this year, sales reached 123003 car , Year-on-year growth 27.03%. Such achievements , It only ranks fourth among traditional luxury brands , That is to say BBA after .

You can say that , Lexus is already the king of second tier luxury brands . even to the extent that , In the eyes of many users , Lexus's brand image has not lost to BBA. however , These two days Xiaobian saw in luxury D Sales data of the class car market , See Lexus LS It was only sold in the first half of this year 1000 platform , Compared with the new Mercedes Benz s Class 12985 platform 、 BMW 7 Systematic 12745 Taiwan and Audi A8 Of 8249 platform , The gap is quite obvious . that , Why can Lexus be good in all aspects LS In the market ?

First , The important reason is Lexus LS The price of is quite firm , Even more expensive than Audi A8 higher . Xiaobian saw from an authoritative website , lexus LS The guide price is 87.8 All the , It's basically a fair price or a small discount , So for consumers , Even the entry-level model , It also costs 100 All the above . And look at Audi A8 The guided 84.28 All the , The terminal still has 10 About ten thousand in cash . In contrast to this , If it weren't for Lexus's diehard fans , Maybe you'll turn around and choose other models .

secondly , lexus LS Your awareness is not high . as everyone knows , Choose luxury D Class car users often have more or less business needs , Mercedes S level 、 BMW 7 Series and audi A8 In the eyes of the public, both the popularity and the sense of honor brought to users should be higher . lexus LS Although it represents the flagship car of the brand , But the recognition is not very high , In face , Business attributes above , and BBA It's almost interesting compared with the flagship car .

Last , Although Lexus LS Our products are very powerful , However, it is almost interesting to cater to the preferences of domestic users . for instance , Our domestic users like to take growth as beauty , But Lexus LS Above the body size and Mercedes Benz S level , BMW 7 Series and audi A8 Are at a disadvantage . and , On the design , lexus LS And Lexus ES It's exactly the same , If you don't distinguish carefully , The two models are likely to be confused . Now , Consumers are naturally reluctant to spend 100 More than ten thousand , Buy one that doesn't look so advanced , Less atmospheric models .

Summary : lexus LS In luxury D The sales volume of the first-class car market is tepid , The reason is in many ways , You can also talk about why Lexus LS The reason for the poor sales . in addition , I have to sigh , In the million or so luxury car market , Still German BBA Of the world .

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