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Even the Land Rover Aurora comes with an "L", and the new BMW X3 still refuses to be lengthened? Can this sell better than GLC?

2021-08-26 05:47:38 Snail chezhi

Although BMW X3 At home BBA medium SUV In a duel , It is the only model without extended wheelbase , But space has not become its disadvantage , But last year ,X3 Sold 73444 car , Compare the other two long wheelbase players ,Q5L Of 76964 car 、GLC L Of 72437 car , Basically no distance . without doubt , BMW X3 The reason why it can sell well , It's all because it's the sport in this level 、 comfortable 、 High sense of coordination is the best SUV.

However, with the development of national economy and the conflict of license plate policy is becoming more and more intense , The economic growth rate is not directly proportional to the growth of domestic per capita motor vehicle holdings , A luxury medium-sized car with excellent rear performance SUV It has become a sweet cake , Even before “ short ” For the range rover and aurora of the United States, the band “L” Version of , So many people expect BMW to be enlightened , Launch a new long wheelbase X3 To win over the market .

Not so long ago , BMW officially launched a new model X3, A new car, besides the price 、 Changes in configuration , The appearance and interior have also been upgraded with the naked eye , But in the body size that we are most concerned about , Especially the wheelbase , New cars are no different from cash , That new car depends on “ Level of appearance ” Eat ? Let's take a look at the improvements made in the new model .

appearance “ Blackening ”

Let's start with the appearance of the new car , First of all, the size of China Grid has been increased , The visual effect is more domineering , This is the routine operation of BMW's new car , Secondly, the shape of headlights on both sides is more sharp and flat , It looks sharp , And the shape of the lower bumper adds more sharp cutting surfaces , The whole front face is more fierce .

Second, what is expected M Yao night suit , It finally joined X3 On the car ! With the blessing of the Yao night suit , The new X3 With the blackened front and middle net , And left and right “ nostril ” Connected , Better integrity , With sharp and blackened headlights , The sense of movement is full , There are also side window strips 、 Blackening kits are used in the rearview mirror and other places , Properly original factory “ Black Warrior ”!

The side lines don't change much , The three dimensions are also very different from the cash , The length, width and height are respectively 4737*1891*1689mm, To increase the 20mm The length is basically added to the new bumper , and 2864mm The wheelbase is consistent with the cash .

To the tail , More sharp cut rear bumper , Make the tail look more dynamic , And the most striking of course is the new shape of the rear tail lamp , Layered design , It looks very sharp , Two side exhaust structures at the bottom , With a black spoiler , dynamic .

interior “ compact ”

Speaking of BMW's interior , I believe many riders can probably know what it looks like when they close their eyes , you 're right ! The new X3 The interior layout still continues the cash design , No surprises, no surprises , There is one saying. , Compared with the new Mercedes Benz C A subversive design like level , BMW is really one step behind in terms of interior upholstery .

But fortunately, BMW is also working hard on the new model X3 Bring freshness to everyone , First, the central control screen is wider , from 10.25 Inch upgrade to 12.3 Inch , Keep up with the current trend of science and Technology . The line of sight comes to the... Under the central control screen , Brand new air conditioning outlet and key areas on both sides , Are decorated with chrome , classical “ A chicken leg ” The electronic gear lever has also changed into a new style ,iDrive The control knob is integrated with the key , Stronger sense of integrity .

in general , Although the interior of the new car has not changed at first glance , But it's still worth tasting .

The power configuration has changed

new X3 The whole department is still equipped with B48 Four cylinder engine +ZF 8AT transmission , There is no need to say more about this set of power performance and transmission system , enjoy great popularity among the people . But the new car has cancelled the previous best-selling 28i Power adjustment , All that's left is 25i and 30i Two adjustments , Consumers who want good motivation can only go to 30i 了 , This is still very uncomfortable , however 25i The torque is improved compared with the old model 10Nm, It's worth making up for it .

The new X3 Limited by the global chip shortage , It and a small change 3 The system also subtracts the coverage and line assistance in the configuration 、L2 High configuration version of level 1 automatic driving . Besides , With the popularity of autopilot assistance systems , The new X3 It is only assembled on the top assembly L2 Class a autopilot , This is still a little limited. It's a pity . besides , The new car is functional 、 There is basically no change in the configuration of comfort .

Why not take “L”?

In the wave of car enterprises customizing models for the Chinese market , Seems to be “ Localization ”+“ Extended wheelbase ” Open the sales password of the domestic market , Even before focusing on “ Small and fine ” All range rover evoque have launched long wheelbase versions .

There's no longer X3 Is there no advantage ? That's not necessarily , Although its body circumference data is not as good as that of Mercedes Benz GLC、 audi Q5L So bright , But with Range Rover evoque L comparison , BMW X3 Still big . Although as a medium-sized SUV Of X3, The absolute space in the back may not be as good as X1, but X3 Rear seat package 、 The backrest angles are quite perfect , Under the support of excellent seat man-machine , Actually measured 175cm Tall passengers are also comfortable in the back row , So even if it's not longer , This space is enough .

Besides , BMW didn't plan to launch long wheelbase X3, Because when this generation of models was approved in Germany , The wheelbase is so long , BMW does not allow brilliance to lengthen itself , So domestic x3 There's no extension . Besides , The pace of this generation of models entering China is slower than that of competitive products , Even if there are plans to launch long wheelbase models later , It also requires a lot of development time and cost , At that time, only one version of the standard axis was launched to occupy the market .

And as a result ,X3 It did succeed , BMW found that even without lengthening , It can also compete with long wheelbase opponents GLC L、Q5L on an equal footing , So the new car still focuses on the appearance 、 The interior is being upgraded , As for the long wheelbase, don't think about it .

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