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Saibo tank 300 price announced! I think it's worth buying a domestic "big G" for 308000

2021-08-26 05:47:41 Snail chezhi

This year, 4 At the Shanghai auto show in May , One of the most sunny models must have tanks 300 Cyberpunk . When I sent out the information , Netizens are warmly discussing how much he will buy the car .

Now? , You don't have to worry anymore , The price is fixed ! We learned from the authorities that , Cybertron 300 The official guide price is 30.8 Ten thousand yuan , On 2021 year 8 month 16 Pre sale officially opened on , Delivery is expected in the fourth quarter of this year . It is worth mentioning that , Cybertron 300 Great Wall Motors didn't produce it alone , It is made up of super boundary vehicles and Great Wall Motors Based on tanks 300 Jointly build , Future delivery will also be delivered by transborder vehicles . It is rumored on the Internet that this car is limited to 3000 car , Is it true , Further confirmation is needed .

Now after the price appears , The official also gave the follow-up booking plan . First of all, I have made 5 Thousands of deposit can be directly deducted by users 1 ten thousand , Equivalent to a price of 30.3 Ten thousand yuan , secondly , Previously scheduled users need to add 2 All the deposit , And if you don't want the car in the future, you can't return it .

At the previous Shanghai Auto Show , Snail chezhi has been to Cybertron 300 In depth interpretation . Today, let's briefly review .

From Cybertron 300 Look at the official picture , It is the same color as the real car presented at the Shanghai Auto Show , Paint gloss “49” Silver , The new car has only one body color .

Many friends on the Internet say it's like babos's version of big G, Call it “ Domestic Mercedes Benz G level ”. But the silver body coating effect of this body , There are also huge air intakes on the hood and special graffiti on the roof , I can assure you , The turning back rate of the real car on the road is absolutely not big G.

Cybertron 300 The tank brand is hanging on the front face (TANK) New standard , The front bar is added Y Font type LED The light source , There are also four in front of the spoiler on the roof LED Lamp with . The rear part , It has a square spare wheel storage box , Still full of Mercedes Benz G The wild smell , But relatively more maverick .

The interior , Cybertron 300 The interior color of dreamland white is adopted , The design style is basically the same as that of the ordinary tank 300 bring into correspondence with . however , It will be equipped with CYBERBEATS senior hifi sound .

Body size , The length, width and height of the new car are 4679×1967×1958mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm, Compared with ordinary tanks 300 higher (1927mm) And width (1930mm) some , But length (4760mm) Shortened 8 centimeter . Besides , The approach angle of this car 25 degree , Departure angle 26 degree , It can be seen that the off-road trafficability of the whole car has decreased , Positioning is more inclined to highway practicability . however , To ensure off-road capability , It is also equipped with all terrain shock absorber system (K-MAN1.5 Raise the nitrogen suspension ).

On the power , Cybertank 300 The code name of the Great Wall is still used E20CB Of 2.0T The engine , Maximum horsepower 227 horse , Maximum torque 387N·m, matching 8AT transmission .

When I was reporting, I said , If full score 10 If you divide up , I want to give the cyber tank 300 Score my first impression :9.7 branch , be left over 0.3 Leave it to future pricing .

Now the price of this car has been , You think I should give 10 Points ? If it's really limited 3000 car ,30 Will you rob wantoutou ? Leave a message to discuss !

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