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Is Weilai NOP easy to use? The well-known entrepreneur died in a car accident in Weilai, which sounded the alarm

2021-08-26 05:47:48 Snail chezhi

I just want to say a few points :

1、 Wei Lai's set NOP It's easy to use or not ?

2、 Why do such problems occur in new power auto enterprises ?

3、 What kind of reflection this incident brings ?

About NOP It's easy to use or not , I also specifically asked the car owners around Kaiwei , The first reply from the other party is this system Bug Quite a lot , It gives two examples : Is in the NOP Under condition , Vehicles coming from the side lane change , Low recognition rate , Failure to detect danger in time ;

The second situation is when the vehicle is following , Once the vehicle ahead suddenly leaves , The vehicle suddenly feels that there is no obstacle ahead and accelerates wildly , At that time, it scared my car owner friend .

The above two examples are not extreme examples or extreme situations , It also directly proves that there are still many imperfections in this so-called pilot assisted driving system .

As soon as something goes wrong , We saw many media colleagues stand up for the first time and say : This L2 Grade or L2+ The level 1 driver assistance system is not , It doesn't mean the interpretation of automatic driving .

Right , The truth is simple , Almost everyone in the car circle can say a few words of truth , But why does such a simple truth become so disobedient in the hearts of car owners , Taking the lead also happens from time to time ? We can simply sum up the following two points :

1、 New power auto enterprises over publicize the efficacy of automatic driving assistance

2、 The cost of enterprise publicity is too low , Lack of supervision

Actually , In fact, almost all car factories are developing the automatic driving assistance system , Or supporting suppliers in R & D , It is recognized in the industry that the current mass production field can reach L2 Level 1 driving assistance : For example, the lane is centered , Auto follow , In some cases, emergency braking and other functions will be .

However, many new car building forces have widely publicized or over interpreted automatic driving assistance , It is easy for the average driver to have “ Autopilot ” illusion . Currently in China , Laws and regulations are weak in the promotion and effect supervision of this driving assistance system , Not even ……

Referring to the public's emission fraud in the United States , Toyota in “ Brake door ” The incident was severely punished by relevant U.S. agencies , In the face of this situation, car enterprises naturally become a man with their tails clamped .

Let's suppose again , If this kind of automatic driving accident , If the enterprise has to bear huge economic compensation due to its fault, and even the relevant responsible person has to bear certain criminal responsibility . I think , Only when enterprises exaggerate this kind of publicity will they be restrained , Not casually “ Loose lips “.

Last , I want to say , The main body of driving is always people , People hold the steering wheel , Unless it comes to real autopilot (L5) Before we reach an agreement , People are always the control and main participants in driving .

Left the human driving , All autopilot assistance is empty talk .

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